Who Will Be the Next Mayor of Pasadena?

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Help your Pasadena Mayoral candidate hone his message, and let him find out how it is received by you, the voter.

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Do you prefer Terry Tornek or Victor Gordo as the next mayor of Pasadena or are you still undecided? This is your chance to let them know if their message has been received loud and clear, or whether they need to work harder.


Who Should Be the Next Mayor of Pasadena?

  • Terry Tornek (49%)
  • Victor Gordo (51%)

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8973 Votes (Updated: 9/30/20, 11:59 pm).

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12 comments to “Who Will Be the Next Mayor of Pasadena?”
  1. Pasadena needs a Mayor on day one will roll up his sleeve and go to work on the needs of this beautiful city. And will listen to his constituents. That person is VICTOR GORDO!

  2. VICTOR GORDO in my opinion is the best choice as Mayor of Pasadena. He has a good record as a Council member and I feel that he will translate that experience to the position of Mayor!

    • Sadly, Pasadena didn’t earn it’s great reputation under Tornek’s helm. Gordo literally has twice as many years as Tornek serving Pasadena and working for Pasadena residents.

  3. They both are flawed candidates from my perspective. Neither one has an effective plan for resolving the profound inequality in affordable housing. Frankly, I am not sure they care. As someone who has called Pasadena home for over 30 years it is increasingly harder for me to be able to afford to stay. I have been told to move to a more affordable city. At 70 years old and failing health that is an onerous suggestion. My safety nets are here. My doctors, assistance programs and social support are all here. To move requires starting completely over. I represent many local residents who are teetering on the edge. This town is my home. I love Pasadena. I resent being forced out by insensitive politicians and greedy investors.

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