• Pawnee City Hall (a.k.a. Pasadena City Hall) from the show "Parks and Recreation."

      Pawnee City Hall (a.k.a. Pasadena City Hall) from the show “Parks and Recreation.”

      Pasadena has 25 parks and great natural open spaces.

      By Wafic Khalil

      Here is the list of twelve of the coolest parks in Pasadena and surrounding areas.

      1- Hahamongna Park

      hahamonga park in pasadenaThis park is a treat to the eyes and the soul, with great magnificent views of the San Gabriel Mountains.

      • Oak Grove Drive & Foothill Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91109
      • 626-744-7275
      • Website.

      2- AAF Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

      Rose Bowl AquaticsThe only thing that comes to mind is: Fun, Fun, Fun!

      • 360 North Arroyo Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91103
      • 626-564-0330
      • Website.

      3- Brookside Park

      Brookside-Park in PasadenaThis park has the distinction of hosting the sultry and beautiful Marilyn Monroe. She did a photo shoot at this very same park with the Chicago White Sox.

      • 360 N. Arroyo Ave. Pasadena, CA 91103
      • 626-744-7275
      • Website.

      4- Eaton Canyon Park & Nature Center

      Eaton CanyonThis gem has hiking trails, equestrian trails with a staging area, picnic areas, seasonal stream, rocks and minerals, various natural habitats, native plants, and wildlife. What more can you ask for?

      • 1750 N Altadena Dr. Pasadena, CA 91107
      • 626-398-5420
      • Website.

      5- Michillinda Park

      Michillinda Park (Photo - Staff).The perfect weekend getaway park in Pasadena! It’s suitable for picnics and afternoon walks, and has a Garden gazebo.

      • 3800 Michillinda Dr. Pasadena, CA 91107
      • 626-961-6393
      • Website.

      6- Memorial ParkMemorial Park is the host of Levitt Pavilion concert series during the summer (Photo - Staff).We can’t have a list of 12 cool parks in Pasadena without mentioning Memorial Park! It boasts an amphitheater, various memorials; and the arch of Pasadena’s first free public library. It also the host of many events throughout the year.

      • 85 E. Holly St. Pasadena, CA 91103
      • 626-744-4321
      • Website.

      7- Eaton Blanche Park

      Eaton Blanche Park in PasadenaThis is one of the cleanest, quietest, and most well kept parks in Pasadena.

      • 3100 E. Del Mar Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91107
      • 626-744-7275
      • Website.

      8- Arroyo Seco

      arroyo seco in PasadenaWith many easy and challenging trails, it’s easy to miss few. This place has some little known trails to many hikers in the area. Spend a whole afternoon (if not a day) and you’ll get exposed to a rich variety of experiences.

      • Spans 8 miles through Pasadena's western portion
      • 323-405-7326
      • Website.

      9- Farnsworth Park

      Farnsworth parkTechnically this park is in Altadena, but who’s counting? Make sure to check the beautiful two-story stone community building, plus the outdoor amphitheater.

      • 568 Mt Curve Ave., Altadena, CA
      • (626) 798-6335
      ‎• Website.

      10- Arlington Garden

      Pasadena Arlington Garden (Photo - arlingtongardeninpasadena.org).

      Pasadena Arlington Garden (Photo – arlingtongardeninpasadena.org).

      This is Pasadena’s only dedicated public garden! No place like it exists anywhere else in the San Gabriel Valley! It’s a little known landmark that has to be visited to be appreciated.

      • 295 Arlington Dr. Pasadena, CA 91105
      • 626-441-4478
      • Website.

      11- Vina Vieja Park

      Vina Vieja Park (Photo - cityofpasadena.net).

      Vina Vieja Park (Photo – cityofpasadena.net).

      This park is for people and pets. It includes the “Alice’s Dog Park” which closes at sundown. A favorite for dog lovers with an “amazing view of the mountains.

      • 3026 E Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107
      • (626) 744-7500
      • Website.

      12- Washington Park

      Washington Park (Photo - cityofpasadena.net).

      Washington Park (Photo – cityofpasadena.net).

      This park used to have a reputation. Since then, it has gotten an updated plan that enhanced its historic look and feel. It boasts tennis courts, grassy knolls, places to picnic and a playground for children. A good green space for a respite during the day.

      • 700 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104
      • (626) 744-4000
      • Website.

      Do you have a favorite park that we missed? Tell us about it in the comment area below.


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      1. Gary Green says:

        Like Farnsworth Park Michillinda Park is not in the City of Pasadena. It is in an unincorporated area that has now been named East Pasadena.

      2. Bill Mooberry says:

        Missing on the list is McDonald Park, on Mountain street, between Wilson and Mar Vista. The original purpose was for water storage, although it is unclear that it ever was used for that purpose.
        The storage was coverage with a corrugated steel roof, and was approximately 4 acres in size, and around 6 feet deep. The south West Corner still has the original pump house, although it has been rehabbed to be earthquake safe.

        Although the water storage area covered most of the area, a small play area and covered pergola gave it status as a park. Actually, it was the 2nd park bulit in Pasadena.

      3. Barbara West says:

        Yes there are 25 parks, so the proposed take over of Eaton Canyon Golf Course is really not necessary. We love our golf course, currently administrated by the County. Parks are expensive, golf can be a revenue producer.

      4. cindy schnuelle says:

        A beautiful park that you didn’t mention is Washington Park in North West Pasadena. It’s is well kept, has tennis courts, grassy knolls, places to picnic and a playground for children. It’s a real treasure!

      5. Carol Germain says:

        Thanks for all the park info Wafic! And thanks Monica for the reminder about the Farnsworth park concerts – looking forward to seeing the 2016 schedule.

      6. Monica Hubbard says:

        Hi, Wafic. Thanks for this great article about local parks. Your comment about Park #9, Farnsworth Park, caught my eye. You wrote, “Technically this park is in Altadena, but who’s counting?” Actually, the 47,000+ people who call our unincorporated community home really appreciate it when places situated up here are correctly identified. We love our town. We support the three parks that are located here, and it’s our donations that help underwrite the free summer concert series and other community events held at Farnsworth Park. So thanks for letting your readers know the correct location of Farnsworth.

        Best wishes,
        Monica Hubbard

      7. CJ Green says:

        Yes, it’s a niche, but you left out Alice’s Dog Park at 3026 E Orange Grove. Best dog park I’ve ever seen. Anywhere. And an amazing view of the mountains.

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