• Editor’s note: This Corner is dedicate to Kathabela’s wonderful mother* (Dec 15, 1920 – Dec 5, 2015).


      – 12/09/15

      My mother's hand on the Book of Life. (Handmade ring and photo by Kathabela Wilson).

      My mother’s hand on the Book of Life. (Handmade ring and photo by Kathabela Wilson).

      Pat Geyer

      in the book
      her long life
      penciled in…
      her achievements

      Pat Geyer lives in East Brunswick, NJ, USA. She feels that in her heart this tanka is dedicated to both Kathabela’s mom, Mary Blue, and her own mom, Rose. Both are exciting and colorful women who spent their last days enjoying life and loving their daughters. Their final “achievement”.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Travel journal by Kathabela Wilson

      Travel journal by Kathabela Wilson

      David Terelinck

      the curtain falls
      as the final aria
      fades away . . .
      this treasured chrysalis
      of blue-winged memory

      David Terelinck is a writer and poet living and working in Sydney, Australia. He says “When we remember those we loved, they never really die and are always with us. It is my hope, through this tanka, that Mary and Kathabela will always be together. It is a remembrance for them both. And may Mary’s name be forever recorded in the Book of Life on her own dedicated page. Any translation from life to death requires a chrysalis…for Mary and Kathabela that shell of change encapsulates the deepest love any mother and daughter can experience. This is a chrysalis of new beginnings grounded in memory that will not fade.” David has published two beautiful books of tanka, “Slow Growing Ivy” and “Casting Shadows”.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Unfolding books by Kathabela Wilson.

      Unfolding books by Kathabela Wilson.

      Benita Kape

      never a last chapter
      the book of life
      a new way
      of being with you

      Benita Kape is a poet living in Gisborne, New Zealand. She says “Life itself prepares us for the sequel which follows the seeming last chapter of ‘the book of life’. And so too a tanka may seem a whole life story, be it ever so short, yet a few words, a chapter, can be a lifetime of remembering things past and things to come.”

      Ο Ο Ο

      * My beautiful mother, a beautiful glow forever… I miss her. She has been my greatest encouragement. She appreciated and celebrated all my creativity loved my poetry, participated in my life and arts., taught me by subtle influence and example from childhood. She is forever young… and with her international childhood, a great advocate for peace in the world. “Mary Blue” The Maltese name “Abela” included in my pen name has been in honor of her, and the father she loved, Michael Abela, She was his only child so we continue to honor him and her through this tribute.


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      1. kathabela says:

        Thank you dear poets and you who have commented. I love these poems so much and thank you Wafic for this beautiful tribute to my mother. I am thinking of her and this Corner has a beautiful resonance. I can almost “hear” her smile, Thank you for using my images as you did… it is all so satisfying and magical to see. I am wearing the smaller woven gold and silver -of those two rings I made – that she always wore on my pinky and my sister Maureen wears the silvery v shaped one.

      2. Anne Milligan says:

        How beautiful!!

      3. kathabela says:

        well worn covers
        of the book of life
        are blue
        sea and sky
        where she touched them

        ~kath abela wilson

      4. susandiri says:

        a tribute with much heart, dear Poets, & beyond!!!

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