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      South Pasadena is holding unclaimed funds for certain persons or companies.  These funds have been on deposit for over three years.

      If you see your name below, you have until November 18, 2014 to claim the money, otherwise the funds will become the property of the City of South Pasadena.

      Here’s the Unclaimed Money Claim Form you need to fill out in order to claim the money. (The form is also available in person at the City of South Pasadena Finance Department or by calling (626) 403-7250).

       20th Century Fox8.47 General Fund
       Air Resources Board1,850.00 General Fund
       Airthel, Taylor80.00 General Fund
       Alhambra Fire Dept. 175.00 General Fund
       Arroyo, Steven 7.21 General Fund
       Azurin, Rolando or Maria 40.00 General Fund
       Barbatoe, Judy 17.00 General Fund
       Barraza, Ana 25.00 General Fund
       Bellflower Medical Center 118.20 General Fund
       Berkeley Communications Corp.   166.00 General Fund
       Brown, Lauren 100.00 General Fund
       Bryson, Tina 148.00 General Fund
       Buxman, Anna M. 17.00 General Fund
       CA Maintenance & Environmental 200.00 General / Prop A
       Cabrera, Manuel 25.00 General Fund
       Caine and Weber 13.93 General Fund
       Carcamo, Ruben 5.00 General Fund
       Chang, Frances Yen-Fang 765.00 General Fund
       Chen, Chih-chun 0.90 General Fund
       Cole, Allan 100.00 General Fund
       Concepcion, Karen 70.00 General Fund
       Cristobal, F. 589.13 Water Fund
       Denny, Lori Davis 111.00 General Fund
       Diaz, Olga Maria 45.00 General Fund
       Drury, Robert 20.00 General Fund
       Dugger, William 0.77 General Fund
       E-Z Life Typing Service 103.30 General Fund
       Fillingham, Damien 80.00 General Fund
       Gaeta, Alexandre 40.00 General Fund
       Galvin, Lucy 85.00 General Fund
       Garcia, Diego Perez 5.00 General Fund
       Gardetta, David 40.00 General Fund
       Gately, Grace 17.00 General Fund
       Graham, Aaron B. 5.93 General Fund
       H.S. Productions 714.74 General Fund
       Haluska, Shirley 80.00 General Fund
       Harwood, Haley 325.00 General Fund
       Henry, John 33.33 General Fund
       Hi Inc. 287.90 General Fund
       Humble 124.38 General Fund
       Hungryman, Inc. 2.72 General Fund
       Huntington Escrow 400.00 General Fund
       Jones, Pamela 40.00 General Fund
       Kajikian, Masis 10.00 General Fund
       Kelley Blue Book 60.00 General Fund
       Ko, Bona 17.00 General Fund
       L.A. Area Fire Marshals Assn. 50.00 General Fund
       L.A.C. Dept. Park & Rec. 15.00 General Fund
       L.A.C. Registrar-Recorder 75.00 General Fund
       League of CA Cities 140.00 General Fund
       Levy, Samuel 1,350.00 General Fund
       Liu, Cindy 45.00 General Fund
       Louie, Spencer 16.00 General Fund
       Mackay, Gareth Phillip 48.00 General Fund
       Mackey, John E. 5.00 General Fund
       Manchiu, Tusi 40.00 General Fund
       Martinez, Romer 122.00 General Fund
       Masuzawa, Midori 40.00 General Fund
       Matiarena, Manuel 80.00 General Fund
       McKown, Taren 20.00 General Fund
       Metro PCS Wireless 50.00 General Fund
       Michelena, Dani 45.00 General Fund
       Moo O Construction/Chungs Roofing 131.00 General Fund
       Munjal, Kavita 45.00 General Fund
       Murphy, J.D. 3.20 General Fund
       NBC Universal 239.37 General Fund
       Norman, Peggy 160.00 General Fund
       Parkes, Ryan David 1.00 General Fund
       Parkinson, Michael 80.00 General Fund
       Pasadena City College 20.00 General Fund
       Payne, Joseph 8.00 General Fund
       Performance Pipeline Technologies 663.65 Sewer Fund
       Peterson, Nikki 127.00 General Fund
       Pham, My T 48.00 General Fund
       Pytka 54.99 General Fund
       Raychauduri, Nirokhi 25.00 General Fund
       Rio Hondo College 4.00 General Fund
       Rio Hondo College RTC 1,286.00 General Fund
       Rio Hondo College RTC 15.60 General Fund
       Rosol, John 100.00 General Fund
       Rossi, Sheila 8.00 General Fund
       Royer, Daniel 40.00 General Fund
       Ruiz, Rosa 160.00 General Fund
       Russomanno, Sonia 25.00 General Fund
       S.G.V. Medical Center 129.00 General Fund
       Salcedo, Jesus Antonio 50.00 General Fund
       Sandoval, Fernando 8.00 General Fund
       Sandoval, Fernando 16.00 General Fund
       Schering Plough Corp. 77.00 General Fund
       Serrato & Associates 55.00 General Fund
       Simmons, Rickey 40.00 General Fund
       So. CA Edison 63.56 LLMD Fund
       Somer, Karila 12.80 General Fund
       Sotcher, Frances 500.00 General Fund
       South Coast A.Q.M.D. 197.51 General / Prop A
       Street Tree Seminar 30.00 LLMD Fund
       Street Tree Seminar 30.00 LLMD Fund
       Subliminal Productions 271.52 General Fund
       The Argus Group 25.00 General Fund
       The RD Store 365.95 General Fund
       Time Warner Cable 73.96 General Fund
       Time Warner Cable 73.96 General Fund
       Time Warner Cable 77.17 General Fund
       Urban Legends 2.72 General Fund
       Venegas, Hector 80.00 General Fund
       Visco, John 40.00 General Fund
       Ware, Charissa 40.00 General Fund
       Western Chapter ISA 185.00 General Fund
       Xerox Corp. 45.00 General Fund
       Yuan, Manping 5.00 General Fund
       Zhang, Jian Qian 178.75 General Fund

      Required claim information includes name, address, phone number, tax identification number, amount of claim, and grounds on which the claim is filed. Once a claim is submitted, the Finance Department will determine if additional information is necessary.

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