So Hot the Pool Water Evaporated?

a hose filling a pool with water

The pool being filled again (Photo – Reg Green)

This week we had to drain our pool.

By Reg Green

I cringed at all that water going to waste but the combination of ashes from the fires and algae formed in the hot weather had turned it into the kind of lurid green in which a crocodile might lurk in wait for a small child.

The above photo shows the pool being filled again.

stream with greenery

Flooded stream in England (Photo – Grahame Green)

While this was going on, I got an email from my half-brother, Grahame, in England, with a photo of his backyard, in Mawdesley, a pretty village near Liverpool. Incessant rains have filled the streams to the level of the historic flooding of Christmas 2015.

“That’s nothing,” I plan to tell him, sending our photo. “It’s been so hot and dry here that all the water in our pool evaporated.”

Given that almost everything that happens in America seems unbelievable to Europeans, he may even fall for it.

Reg Green

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