San Gabriel Valley’s Asian American Speech Contest

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Asian American Speech Contest

The Asian American speech contest for Middle School, High School and College students ranging in age from 10 to 26, was held Saturday, September 26, 2020 with 29 students participating. This is the third year for the contest.

By Cheri Cabot

Hosted by I-Chinese American Action Committee (IAPAC), Asian American Advocacy Alliance (AAAA), and Chinese American Equalization Association (HQH), this year’s contest was held via Zoom due to Covid-19.

The topic for Middle School students was “How has Covid-19 changed your life and community?”, and the topic for High School and College students was “What is your opinion about California Prop 16 from your experience?” Each student had three minutes to give a speech and each was judged on three categories, content, delivery and overall effectiveness of effort, with a total of 50 points possible.

The six judges tallied their scores electronically, so the results were announced soon after the conclusion of the speeches. There was also a vote by contestants, audience members, as well as judges for “most popular” awards.


The winners for Middle School were First Place, Fiona Qi; Second Place, William Chang; and Third Place Bonner Song. The High School/College winners were Catherine Ruan, First Place; Jutine Ho, Second Place and Nathan Kwang, Third Place. Each winner received a certificate and a monetary award. Fiona Qi, Catherine Ruan and Zuyuan Zhou were voted as the most popular.

The World Journal reported that Zang Mang, President of the Asian American Rights Promotion Association, stated, “The purpose of the competition is to cultivate youth leadership skills and public speeches, to encourage Asian children to participate in politics and pay attention to community development.”

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Asian American Speech Contest, High School Winners

two girls in zoom meeting

Asian American Speech Contest, Middle School Winners

One boy and two girls in a zoom meeting

Asian American Speech Contest, Most Popular

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Asian American Speech Contest judges



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