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      ColoradoBoulevard.net presented three fundamental questions to the six City Council candidates in San Gabriel.

      By Editorial Board

      We received responses from two San Gabriel City Council candidates. San Gabriel’s Municipal Election is March 3, 2020; it is a final election and not a primary.

      Candidates are in alphabetical order.

      Question #1: 

      What are your thoughts on climate change and how it affects the city?

      decorativeJuli Costanzo (City Council):

      Although we are a small City, I believe everyone has a responsibility to environmental concerns.  We must do what we can when it comes to land use planning and citywide sustainability to help with the climate change issues.  We as a City have already implemented many ways to help with sustainable environmental issues.  These programs must be ongoing.


      decorativeAnagh Mamdapurkar (City Council):

      Climate change is real.  It affects us every day, from hotter days to limits on our water supply to poorer air quality and more.  This affects City infrastructure, resident health, and the City’s budge.t  My goal is to work with City staff, residents, and community stakeholders to find ways to mitigate climate change by placing a premium on bike lanes, walkability, renewable energy, increased green space and public transportation, and the promotion of stormwater capture systems.

      Question #2:

      How do you intend to address the housing and homelessness crisis in the city?

      Juli Costanzo (City Council):

      We are fortunate in San Gabriel not to have a huge homeless problem but it is important to work with community partners to help solve the regional problem.  Being a member of the City of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments and supporting their Homelessness Initiates have helped with moving forward to securing funding and continuing to find solutions that will benefit all.  Continued community connections in the region can also help to secure additional affordable housing.

      Anagh Mamdapurkar (City Council):

      I will work hard to increase San Gabriel’s housing stock.  I will fight for equitable housing policies that provide San Gabriel with its fair share of affordable housing.  For example, an inclusionary housing ordinance would ensure that all new housing developments provide a percentage of affordable housing.  In addition, I will work with community stakeholders; governmental agencies; and non-profits to ensure the homeless have shelter, medical aid, support services, and restored dignity and respect.

      Question #3: 

      How do you intend to fund your campaign?  And what is your strategy to win?

      Juli Costanzo (City Council):

      I fund my campaign through local community donations.  My strategy has always been to be connected to the community, make myself available to those who need assistance, my ongoing many achievements thus far as a Councilmember, commitment to San Gabriel, my integrity and passion to do what’s right now and for the future.

      Anagh Mamdapurkar (City Council):

      I am running a grassroots campaign that is focused on community outreach and engagement.  I walk neighborhoods, knock on doors, and engage with residents about my platform and get their feedback on the issues that are important to them.  I am funding my campaign through small donations from friends, family and supporters. My campaign is reliant upon people-power, not money. I encourage residents to reach out to me and let me know their thoughts and concerns.

      > In addition to the candidates above, Tony Ding, Anthony Faure, Paul Cole Padilla, and John Harrington are running for City Council.


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