• (L-R) Rob Hertel, Harvey Hyde, and John Sciarra (Photo - Mike Pashistoran).

      (L-R) Rob Hertel, Harvey Hyde, and John Sciarra (Photo – Mike Pashistoran).

      It’s a violent game.  It really is.  If you don’t like to get hit, then this game is not for you!  And that’s just the way it is.

      John Sciarra
      Former UCLA quarterback.

      One of the greatest rivalries in sports add another chapter Saturday evening at Pasadena’s historic Rose Bowl.

      By Mike Pashistoran

      USC vs. UCLA!

      USC leads the football series, of course, which began nearly a century ago.  And our two local universities are also the leaders in winning the most NCAA championships in sports!  Expect at least 75,000 in attendance and don’t be surprised if it’s a sellout with an even higher number in the stands!

      But on the eve of  Saturday’s match, two quarterbacks from USC & UCLA’s past met over a nice lunch, at the Pasadena Quarterbacks Club (PQC).  Held in the shadow of the Rose Bowl, at a dining room of the Brookside Park Golf Course, the rivals met this time for lunch and to talk to the group about the Big Saturday night Game.

      Quarterbacks Rob Hertel of USC, current football coach at South Pasadena High, and John Sciarra of UCLA, stars from the last century were the VIP’s of the PQC.

      The Pasadena Quarterbacks Club (PQC) has been huddling in Pasadena since its founding in 1945 (at least).  I’m working on a brief article on the history of this wonderful Pasadena “institution” which, like many things in town, is little known.  For now, it’s most important just to know the club holds weekly luncheon meetings during football season (September – November) with special guests representing college and high school football.  Members enjoy a discount for these luncheons.  If you’re into football it’s a club to check out at least once.

      I’ve been to a few of these meetings in recent years and it appears USC is the school that represents the most.  And such was the case yesterday.

      The Pasadena Quarterbacks Club luncheon (Photo - Mike Pashistoran).

      The Pasadena Quarterbacks Club luncheon (Photo – Mike Pashistoran).

      Hertel and Sciarra were called away from their lunch to go up on stage to be interviewed by Harvey Hyde.  Hyde, a former college football coach, has a radio program covering USC football on KFI 640-AM.

      Below are a couple of the Q/A’s that took place that evening:

      What effect will the 7:30pm night time have on the game?

      Hertel & Sciarra:  Both agreed the game time will have little or no effect.

      What is memorable about USC/UCLA?

      Sciarra: I remember someone asked former USC legendary coach John McKay when he was coaching Tampa Bay in the NFL.  Tampa Bay had started out losing something like their first 17 games!  So, the question was, ‘What do you think about the execution of your offense?’ And coach McKay responded, ‘I’m all for it!’

      And what is your predicted score for the game?

      Hertel:  38-10 USC

      Sciarra: 21-17 UCLA

      What do I think?  Well, I’m bad at predicting so I’ll keep quiet and say simply may the truly best team win.


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