• laptopEach laptop fits a different person, and not one is greater or better in that respect.

      Here’s a list of laptops that fit a particular type of lifestyle. This list gives advice on what suits a person most. I have scoured the Internet for reviews of 2014 and came up with the following.

      The Well-traveledThe Well-traveled

      You love the great outdoors or barely stay at home after that last business trip. You want a laptop that’s light, has a good-sized screen with the full Windows experience to run applications at work (at least no touchscreen required), and contains a good- sized battery that lasts the day without charging and runs light-work apps like Word, Excel and the like. You may look into the Asus T100.

      It’s a smidgen thicker than an iPad when closed but is almost the same size, which makes it fit any bag you have when traveling. It’s cheap enough that for $400, you can lose it and buy a new one, so you won’t lose sleep over it as you would losing an iPad or a MacBook. And the best part about it is that this laptop can recharge via USB, so you can use a USB battery pack to recharge it. It can run about 9 hours of normal use on a single charge.

      The Light Internet UserThe Light Internet User

      You could be retired and saving money or just want a simple laptop to use for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, light browsing and streaming videos. You don’t want to call your nephew or grandson to fix it in the middle of the night while doing any of the stuff above. The best fit for you is a Chromebook, and one of the best ones in the market is the Toshiba CB35-A3120.

      It’s not quite as small or as pricey as the other Chromebooks in the market, but it gives you a lot for $279. It works off a single charge for 8 hours, which is remarkably longer than most Chromebooks and has a vivid display and loud audio output. The best part is that you can browse the Internet safely because it doesn’t come with Windows, and I haven’t heard of any security issue with Chromebooks yet.

      The Avid Gamer-The Avid Gamer

      You play games, like gaming all the time: FPS, RTS, casual, you name it. You want gaming on the go, and you want to run your hardcore games as you would on your tricked-up PC already — except you have to go somewhere, too. You should definitely pick up an Alienware 17.

      It runs on the latest Intel i7 processor and the powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M GPU. It runs a 1080p display, and the keyboard lights up with different colors you can configure. The 17-inch display makes it large enough to see your pal’s face before he gets hit with the rocket you just launched, plus the graphics card gives it decent fps rates so you won’t get dizzy. It’s quite heavy at 9.4 pounds, so you can technically say it’s a “beast.” Unfortunately, its battery life is a humbling four hours, so you can either keep this guy plugged in or don’t bother leaving your house with it.

      The Road WarriorThe Road Warrior

      You work while on the road or just hit up the local coffee shop to meet up with clients or use their free Internet for your business. You want to work lightly on the road, but it should perform as well when you’re at home late at night and working on that killer presentation for your clients. Your laptop should stand out and impress prospective customers and should at least say you know what you’re doing (or talking about). For these reasons, you’ll want to run with the Apple Macbook Pro (With Retina).

      It’s practically a desktop replacement that has a 15-inch screen, is light at 4.5 pounds, and runs the fastest i7 Intel mobile processor on the market. The display is remarkable, so you can see and print the exact same color off the brochure you’re working on for a customer. Plus, with the high-resolution retina display screen, your catalog of photos or demo of videos you want to show your client will look incredible. This laptop runs about 9 hours on a single charge, so you can work all day at the coffee shop while your non-stop list of clients comes in (just as long as you keep buying the coffee). It’s priced at $1,999, so you’ll want to write it off as a business expense when you file taxes. At the end of the day, you’ll wow your customers with this workhorse, and you’ll look incredibly competent at what you’re doing.

      You just want a laptopYou just want a laptop

      So let’s say you just want a laptop. Does games a bit. Does the Internet best, and you don’t want to buy another desktop for as long as you live, plus none of the lifestyle choices above, but you don’t want to break the bank to get a laptop. I hear you. Get the Lenovo IdeaPad U430.

      It has touch screen, so it can work like a tablet when you need it. It’s not HD but sports a 1600×900 screen, so browsing the net and watching online movies are okay. It’s running an i5 Intel mobile processor, so it’s not fast but not incredibly slow. It has 8 hours of battery life that probably lasts the entire day. It’s just $699 dollars (and even cheaper online), so it gives you great value. Lenovo makes the most durable laptops that run Windows, so I can almost say you won’t need a replacement for at least 5 years with this.

      There you have it. If you want any questions answered, or have any cool review requests, email us, and we’ll collect and answer most questions on a monthly basis.

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