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      SACRAMENTO – ColoradoBoulevard.net:

      In his first year in the State Legislature, Assemblymember Mike Fong delivers for the San Gabriel Valley.

      By News Desk

      Assemblymember Mike Fong (D-Alhambra) announced today that he secured $29.4 Million from the state budget for crucial investments in local parks, libraries, museums, programs for low-income at-risk youth and families, and construction of a state-of-the-art community center.

      Funds secured in the budget include:

      • $25 million for the construction of a state-of-the-art Community Center that will include classrooms, fitness areas, multipurpose rooms, community meeting space, and exterior recreation areas. It will be the first Community Center in the City of Alhambra (read more).
      • $1.5 million to the Asian Youth Center, a community-based non-profit organization based in San Gabriel. Its mission is to empower low-income, immigrant, and at-risk youth through culturally and linguistically competent education, employment, and social services.
      • $1.7 million to the City of Alhambra for construction of a new pocket park and upgrades to existing parks, such as WiFi access, EV charging stations, and book hold lockers.
      • $1 million to the Vincent Price Art Museum at East Los Angeles College in Monterey Park for construction of a conservation lab, digitization lab, workspace and ventilated storage, and expanding museum programs.
      • $200,000 for restoration of the historic La Laguna de San Gabriel Historic Playground located at Vincent Lugo Park in San Gabriel.

      Governor Newsom signed the 2022-2023 budget on July 1, 2022, completing the final step of the state budget process.  The 2022-23 fiscal year begins July 1st.

      Assemblymember Mike Fong said:

      I am honored to bring nearly $30 million dollars to Assembly District 49 during my first year in office. I would like to express my gratitude to leaders I worked alongside within the district and in Sacramento to make these important investments a reality.

      Assemblymember Mike Fong was elected to the 49th District of the California State Assembly in February 2022, representing Alhambra, Arcadia, El Monte, Monterey Park, Rosemead, Temple City, San Marino, San Gabriel, and parts of Montebello and South El Monte.

      Edited by Ann Hunnewell

      加州州众议员方树强 (Mike Fong)为第49区议会区筹集了2940万美元

      在他进入州立法机构的第一年,方树强 (Mike Fong) 为圣盖博谷做出了贡献

      (沙加缅度) – 加州州眾议员方树强Mike Fong (D-Alhambra) 今天宣布,他已从加州预算中获得2940万美元作為关键投资,用于当地公园、图书馆、博物馆。这笔拨款将投入一些项目,用于协助可能遭受伤害的高风险低收入青年和家庭。同时,这预算也用于建设最先进的社区中心。

      加州州眾议员方树强 (Mike Fong) 说: “我很荣幸在上任的第一年为第49选区议会带来近3000万美元。我想向自己代表的选区和沙加缅度共同工作的领袖,表达我的感激之情,使这些重要投资成为现实”


      • 2500万美元用于建设最先进的社区中心,包括︰教室、健身区、多用途室、社区会议空间和户外娱乐区。它将成为阿尔罕布拉市的第一个社区中心。
      • 向亚裔青少年中心(Asian Youth Center)提供150万美元。亚裔青少年中心是一个以社区为基础的非营利组织,总部设在圣盖博市(San Gabriel),其使命是通过文化和语言能力的教育、就业和社会服务,以增强低收入人士、移民和高风险青年的能力。
      • 向阿尔罕布拉市提供170万美元,用于建设一个小公园,并对现有公园进行各种升级,如WiFi连线上网、电动汽车充电站和储物柜。
      • 向位於东洛杉矶学院(East Los Angeles College)的文森特·普莱斯艺术博物馆(Vincent Price Art Museum)提供100万美元,用于建设一个保护实验室、数字化实验室、工作区和通风存储设施,以及博物馆扩建项目。
      • 20万美元用于修复位于圣盖博文森特卢戈公园(Vincent Lugo Park)的La Laguna de San Gabriel历史游乐场。

      加州州长纽森(Govenor  Newsom)今天签署了2022-2023年的预算,完成了加州预算程序的最后一步。2022-23年加州财政年度将于7月1日开始。


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      1. Adele Andrade-Stadler says:

        Thank you Assembly member for your commitment to our city. I look forward working with you in the future.

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