a screen scan showing the heart

      Heart on a Walk, Echocardiogram (Photo – Kath Abela Wilson)


      Hosted by Kath Abela Wilson

      The steady rhythm has a beauty of shape and sound. I sit next to the echocardiogram technician. Cardiac stress test. He asks me my name, and I tell him.

      I knew that
      already, he says, I see it
      written on his heart

      ~ Kath Abela

      Ο Ο Ο

      Blueish colored moss on a tree

      Heart-Shaped Moss on a Tree photo by Sigrid Saradunn

      Sigrid Saradunn

      Early Nor’Easter

      limbs and leaves scattered
      bark with moss underfoot.

      a gaze at the tree next to the car
      on the tree at just the right height
      a heart sketched in moss.

      Ο Ο Ο

      a tree in the shape of a heart

      Heart-shaped Tree found on a walk (Photo – Jackie Chou)

      Jackie Chou

      the rustle
      of my fickle heart
      windblown leaves

      left unsaid
      what’s whispered through leaves
      of a heart-shaped tree

      my world
      once lackluster
      is now
      full of your stardust
      raining down on me

      Ο Ο Ο

      A nest surrounded by foliage

      Nest for my heart (Photo – Lynne Jambor)

      Lynn Jambor

      At our haiku gathering in Seabeck, Washington, I was overcomewith a sense of timelessness that accompanies a walk when seasons change, as they always have, and always will. We had a family cottage that my husband built on Richardson Lake in the Gatineau Hills, about an hour away from Ottawa, Ontario. Our small lake and ten cottages were of the people and subsequent families that my husband had met when he was first living in Ottawa as a PhD candidate and poor student. We lived in it many summers and weekends. My heart overflows with those memories when I am least expecting it.

      forest bathing
      red maples with a hint
      of woodsmoke

      Yesterday, as I was walking to and from Stanley Park in Vancouver BC, amongst the wet sodden leaves on the ground, I was moved to touch the softly growing green of the forest trees as well as the sidewalk ones which all have moss growing on the north side. These have been here, and the moss has grown here, for time immemorial. First Nations tribes have had the same experience of marveling at the trees’ moss, so quiet, secure, and inevitable for generations, no matter what gets built around them. This particular day it was drenching rain and I in all my rain gear…

      winter rain
      the moss on the north side
      still soft

      Ο Ο Ο

      a cactus in the shape of a heart

      Cactus Heart in Atwater Village, Los Angeles (Photo – Meher McArthur)

      Meher McArthur

      heart-shaped cactus
      it stopped me
      In my tracks today


      Finding Your Heart on a Walk: Quotes and Credits

      Sigrid Saradunn, an artist and poet, lives in Ellsworth, Maine near Bar Harbor. She has been a self-taught artist since childhood. After graduating nurses training to become an RN, she continued practicing her art. She still paints regularly on Mondays and Fridays with the Vagabonds, a year round group in Somesville, Maine since 2002. She has painted for 20 years with the Wednesday Portrait Painters group in Blue Hill, Maine. She has published in many anthologies and writes with Tanka Poets on Site. Her eye for detail, and warm emotional expression, has graced our Poets Salon before. She says: “I have a day after Valentine’s Day birthday…hearts always seem to speak to me wherever I am. I find them in nature.”

      Jackie Chou lives in Pico Rivera, California. She meets weekly with Poets on Site in Pasadena, and shares her poems in many journals and anthologies worldwide, as well as many local readings and events. Recently, she began an ambitious project called Buson 100. Inspired by the Japanese poet Buson, 1717 – 1784, she’s writing about 10 haiku a day and other Asian forms, finding it beneficial to her writing life. Her poems in our salon were generated by this effort, which incorporates a sensitivity to details in nature and human experience.

      Lynne Jambor has been writing haiku and related forms for almost six years. She has been greatly influenced by extensive encouragement of the supportive haiku community. She’s published in various anthologies, including Haiku Society of America, Seabeck, and the Portland, Arbutus (Victoria), and Vancouver Groups. Lynne is executive secretary of Haiku Canada and a member of the HC Archive committee. She has also been a coordinator of ‘Haiku House’ for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Sakura Days Japan Fair. Lynne is Co-Chair of HNA 2021 in Victoria BC, Canada.

      Meher McArthur is an Asian art historian specializing in the arts of Japan. She has spent the last two decades curating exhibitions, teaching and writing books and articles about Asian art and culture. She currently works as Academic Curator at Scripps College, Claremont, and Creative Director at the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden in Pasadena. She occasionally finds herself writing poems.

      A note from Kath Abela

      Send short poems, haiku, senryu, tanka, cherita haibun, tanka prose, short prose poems, etc., or your own unique approach, on future themes of our Poets Salon: “Inside and Out,” “Something New (year),” “Fresh Start,” “New Tradition,” “The Old Way,” and “Rose Parade.”

      Write and send on your most important “Social Issue”.  Send to Kath Abela by Facebook message or click here to email her directly. We can feature your work again after five months. Multiple Submissions can be saved to appear later.

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      1. Alex Nodopaka Le Petit says:

        Much of my art

        comes from walking on it.

        Or better said by finding it.

        My scenes at times
        contain pennies
        and nickels and dimes
        and quarters and
        fifty cent pieces
        and on occasion
        even whole dollars
        be they Susan B. Anthony
        or Eisenhower’s.

        At those times I feel
        rich as Croesus
        for its artistic creation.

      2. Kath Abela Wilson says:

        Dear Sharon thank you for your strong words of appreciation. It was great for me to be able to put that amazing, unusual, true experience into a poem!

      3. Sharon Hawley says:

        Your opening haibun is, . . . well . . . great!

      4. kathabela says:

        Thank you Alan you are always wonderful encouragement and inspiration!

      5. haikutec says:

        Wonderful wonderful work, thank you poets, a great morning gift!

        Alan Summers
        Call of the Page

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