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      first engagement
      my third marriage the only one
      with grace

      ~ Kath Abela
      (ephemerae #3, 2018)

      Ο Ο Ο

      A cat walking outside

      First walk. Photo haiga by kris moon

      Kris moon (kondo)

      first walk
      the cat calls me

      so elusive…
      my first dream

      “Hatsu” is a word in Japanese meaning the first time somebody does something , like a a baby’s first steps. It is an important word in celebrating Japanese new Year because it is believed that the first things one does in the new year sets the tone for the rest of the year We try to do something significant on January 1. So if you like to paint, your first painting is important, If you write poetry so is the first poem you write. Walking is something very important for me and my cat usually comes out to greet me on my way back home.

      One’s first dream of the new year “Hatsu Yume” is said to have special significance . I dreamt of Mt. Fuji My first new year’s here and that is supposed to be very lucky. I also dreamt of it when I turned 70, so I am quite sad that I cannot remember at all what my new year’s dream was this year.

      Just down the road from me is a very old tiny shrine which always gets decorated for the new year. “Kagami Mochi “ or “rice cake mirrors”with a daidai or mikan ( kinds of citrus fruits ) are common decorations . Contemporary kagami mochi are often premolded and with an imitation plastic daidai are sold encased in plastic. I wasn’t surprised to see this year’s zodiac mouse substituting for the daidai, and felt sorry for it.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Fire place with burning logs

      First fire (Photo – Peggy Hale Bilbro)

      Peggy Hale Bilbro

      the same stars
      14 billion light years away
      Eve and I

      new year
      another opportunity
      to find me

      I greet the plants
      still gathering their strength
      for new life
      as am I

      in the garden
      through frozen earth
      the reach for light

      first man
      to discover fire
      did he regret it

      We just returned from a New Year visit with our daughter. She is in an exciting, challenging time of her life and loving the feel of it! It is wonderful and rewarding to watch her as she creates her own future. I still feel the excitement and the challenge of life, but now I count the hours as very precious, while she is still looking towards a limitless future. How life changes our perspective as we move through the years.

      my young daughter and I
      her memories of days
      mine of years

      now she’s grown
      her future measured in years
      I count my days

      my daughter
      holds my hand
      careful mom
      I remember the times
      I held her in my hands

      I live in Huntsville, Alabama, with my husband and my green babies. We have three children, now all adults. My daughter was my last child, a happy surprise who continues to amaze me with each new adventure she undertakes. My life and hers are full of beginnings and endings, which only lead to more beginnings. There is always another ‘first’ around the corner as I watch her continue to blossom.


      two silhouettes of men on a bridge

      Two on the bridge (Photo – Peggy Hale Bilbro)

      New Year Firsts: Quotes and Credits

      Kris moon (kondo) first arrived in Japan by ship in 1972. Well known in international Japanese poetry form circles, she now lives in a lovely mountain village west of Tokyo.

      Peggy Bilbro’s roots are in the western U.S., but she has lived in Alabama for many years. She draws on her life in those two different environments as well as her global travels as she writes both long and short form poetry in English and Spanish. Each new experience opens a creative door.

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