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      the town pink anyway
      our morning walk

      ~ Kath Abela

      two birds next to a nest

      LA River, Herons Nest (Photo – Robert Stewart)

      Robert Stewart

      that time of year
      love in the air
      Even primitive dinosaurs
      children involved
      underfoot also

      Ο Ο Ο

      2 peacocks on the grounds

      Peacocks (Photo – Meher McArthur)

      Meher McArthur

      Closing my laptop
      I walk a trail of spring scents
      and eye-healing hues

      Ο Ο Ο

      a walkway with lots of greenery

      Neighborhood Walk (Photo – Alicia Viguer-Espert)

      Alicia Viguer-Espert

      Morning Walk

      It happens every day
      after climbing the slope.
      I sit on the stone bench
      under the carob tree,
      open the empty bowl
      of my hands
      to receive the blessings


      three birds on a nest

      Three (Photo – Robert Stewart)

      Neighborhood Walks: Quotes and Credits

      Robert Stewart says: “Great birds action. First Pelicans diving, action instead of repose. One portrait the same as any of the others around, so why bother so much. Then my discovery of the LA River a block from home, favorite Sunday afternoon shooting after fish tacos at Atwater farmers market. Essentially the Great Blue Heron and greater Egret, but also Snowey Egret and Dark-necked Night Heron. Territory essential, everybody knows to stay far from the Great Blue, the biggest and meanest. The most primitive and unevolved. But now in knowing them better through their nesting, and watching couples raising children I have a different opinion of these animals left over from the age of dinosaurs in love with each other.”
      Artist and Poet Robert Stewart has a 200 piece exhibit in the Living Room Gallery at the home of Poets on Site, our home in Pasadena. He’s also showing his work at the Neutra Institute Gallery and Museum in Silver Lake (Los Angeles).

      Meher McArthur is an Asian art historian specializing in Japanese art. For the last two and a half years she has been Academic Curator at Scripps College, Claremont, and very recently joined JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles as Art and Cultural Director. Previously, she was an independent Asian art curator, author and educator and for 9 years prior to that she was Curator of East Asian Art at Pacific Asia Museum (now USC PAM). .
      As well as curating art exhibitions, writing books and articles and lecturing on Asian art and artists, Meher loves exploring nature on her daily walks. This involves photographing many of its details as well as composing the occasional poem.

      Born and raised in Spain, Alicia Viguer-Espert learned English as an adult. Her debut in 2017 earned her The San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival Book Contest Prize with Holding a Hummingbird. A second chapbook Out of the Womb of the Sea was published by Four Feather Press. She’s a 2019 and 2020 Pushcart Prize nominee, published internationally. Today, she lives in Mount Washington, Los Angeles, among lots of trees, friendly neighbors made up of coyotes, humans, hawks, crows and squirrels. On her daily walks she’s saluted by quiet vistas and the perfume of flowers. She loves it.


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      1. Kath Abela Wilson says:

        Thank you dear Siggi and all who visit here and appreciate his life and work. Yes we were all and will always be inspired by his work and his friendship!

      2. Sharon Hawley says:

        Thank you, Kathabela, for this first of hopefully many tributes to our lost friend.

      3. Sigrid Saradunn says:

        Thank you for sharing Kathabela … Will fondly remember Robert with every egret I encounter . none as majestic as the ones in his photos.
        His photos, poems and art will live on for the world to see and be inspired by.

        RIP Robert. Soar and be healed.

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