old photo of man, woman and daughter

      “My mother on right with her mother and father at Port Said, Egypt,” circa 1930 (Photo courtesy of Kathabela Wilson)


      Hosted by Kath Abela Wilson

      Mother Earth

      years later
      how the wind
      shapes her face

      sun and shadow
      the shifting sands
      of forgetfulness

      the me in memory
      face to face
      with the dunes

      thanks to my daughter
      I learn to mother

      ~ Kath Abela

      Ο Ο Ο

      red roses painted

      Roses in my hand. Art by Peggy Castro

      Peggy Castro


      I am staring at the beautiful roses my oldest daughter sent from L.A. for my 76th birthday. They speak to me of rebirth and forgiveness. It has been a long, hard 76 years filled with trauma, abuse and endless gaslighting. Yet here in Tacoma, living with my youngest daughter, I feel I have finally broken the chains that have held me all my life — the chains of psychosis and terror. More importantly I am ready to forgive those who treated me so badly.

      I have to say, it did not start with me. It started with my daughters. They were right by my side when I hit rock bottom and were caught up in my tsunami of destructiveness. Yet they somehow forgave me and loved me through it all. It is a humbling experience.

      I truly get that the people who hurt me were blind — I was not the trash they thought I was, and they could not see my real beauty. I can even pity them because in the long run they only damaged themselves.

      I look at the roses, understanding that the ultimate gift of forgiveness is the freedom and infinite compassion realized in that precious bouquet.

      roses gathered
      in my hands
      the faith of my children

      Ο Ο Ο

      Sun shining on parts f sand dunes

      Mother/Daughter, by Sharon Hawley

      Sharon Hawley

      How the Wind Blows

      gathering experience
      in the shelter
      of parents

      walking the way
      of daughter
      a time for learning

      the task of age
      to learn who me is
      in a windy world

      life unfolds in a spiral
      a child begins her path
      a father finds her reborn

      in fullness of age
      the spiral widens
      a woman beyond help

      beyond family
      finds mother
      in shifting sand


      Mothers and Daughters: Quotes and Credits

      Peggy Castro lived in Alhambra, California for many years. She recently moved in with her daughter in Tacoma, Washington.

      Sharon Hawley is a poet adventurer who lives in Pasadena, California. You can see the archive of her trips, including her most recent May 2021 excursion in Death Valley at this link.

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