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      We need happy endings and a good laugh. When all else fails, try this. A real dream I will never forget to use… A mystery house, but not of the pleasant kind. Full of evil people, hard at work, contriving, experimenting, a buzz of nervous energy and difficulties swarm in every corridor. Suddenly, a roar in the driveway shakes the house with dread and anticipation. Every room is emptied, quickly by an efficient crew. Everything is carried out– people and their tools, into a huge truck. I watch as it pulls away.

      big bold letters
      on the side of the van:
      bad dream moving company

      ~ Kath Abela

      Ο Ο Ο

      2 frogs in a frame with crowns on their heads

      “… and then he kissed her”
      Acrylic on board painting by Janet Olenik

      Vessislava Savova

      old legend
      my daughter asks me
      where the happy end is
      a tramp feeds
      two stray dogs

      Little Mermaid cartoon–
      my six-year-old students
      do not like the original

      twinkling stars
      I make up another

      the grown up girl still
      believes in fairies

      Ο Ο Ο

      An art piece of a princess with long hair kissing a frog

      Frog Prince Woodwork Puzzle by Peter Larsen

      Peter Larsen

      a grateful kiss

      to a helpful talking

      wondering how
      a prince
      might taste


      tender kiss
      wakening princess
      pats princely cheek
      sliding back
      into her dream


      Goldilocks decides
      Papa Bear
      is just right

      Rapuzel Explains

      I don’t let down my hair
      for princes any more—
      if they even manage to climb up
      they’re too exhausted to be any fun.

      I favor robust farm lads
      with good singing voices
      cooperative natures
      and lots of stamina.

      But if a prince should call
      carrying a lemon meringue pie
      or fresh cinnamon rolls
      I’d haul him up myself.

      Ο Ο Ο

      a girl in blond hair sleeps on top of a house with three bears watching

      When Goldilocks said “this house is just right” Acrylic painting on board by Janet Olenik

      Josie Hibbing

      a dream about a bird
      with a broken wing–
      I wake up
      in the warmth
      of your arms

      here in my heart
      endlessly blooming
      the dandelion
      you used to wear
      in your hair

      all the places
      where I have been…
      always in my heart
      this map that leads
      to you

      the stars could not
      be hidden anymore
      this moment
      I unlock the universe
      within me

      how many aches
      this heart can bear?
      I emptied a bottle
      to let the sunshine in


      a tea kettle and a sugar cup next to it

      Still Life in Blue, acrylic painting on board by Janet Olenik

      Happy Endings: Quotes and Credits

      Vessislava Savova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has published four books: one collection of short stories, two novelettes, a play and a children’s book and has published in many Bulgarian and international anthologies. Her awarded and honorable mentioned writings and visual arts have been published in international magazines in twelve languages. She’s an editor of five books in Bulgarian and one in English language. Four books of Bulgarian authors have been translated into English by her, two of which have been published by Hammer&Anvil Publishing House in the USA.

      Peter Larsen dropped out of graduate study in playwriting and promptly got drafted into the Army Signal Corps. Safely out of danger, he became a teacher, then a wood sculptor, then a graphic artist, and now he dabbles in poetry. Notice that Peter Larsen’s first poem is a “cherita” a little six-line poetic story form. His recent cherita are published in recent issues of the cherita journal. One of his early wood sculptures, a colorful wooden puzzle, is included in todays Salon.

      Josie Hibbing is a mother of 8. She loves raising her family and she has a passion in writing haiku and tanka poetry. She lives in Iowa, USA with her family.

      A Note on the Artist:
      Janet Olenik is a Los Angeles artist who has worked closely with Poets on Site, in Pasadena, for many years. Her artwork will be on display now through Christmas at the Flintridge Bookstore coffeehouse. Now retired, she taught studio arts for many years at Glendale Community College.


      the moon is watching over a sleeping man in sea

      Wynkin Byynkin and Nod, acrylic painting on board by Janet Olenik

      A note from Kath Abela

      > Many local poets will be attending Moonday at Flintridge Bookstore on Nov 17, 2019:
      The 4:00 pm reading will be an ideal time to come early, have coffee or tea and snacks and view Janet’s work. The Reading will feature Cynthia Anderson and Cindy Rinne. Cindy is a longtime participant in Poets on Site and is published in Stone Lantern, Poets on Site in the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden, 2018, in in the Poets Salon. (Read Kath Abela’s interview with Cindy).

      > Upcoming themes Submissions:
      Themes in progress are ‘Mirrors’, “A New Page’, ‘Starting Over’. (You may also suggest your own theme.) Send short poems, haiku, senryu, tanka, cherita haibun, tanka prose, short prose poems, etc. Send a bio with reference to the theme, photos or artwork of your own or friend. (No attachments except photos.) Send links to book or websites etc. We can feature your work again after five months. Multiple submissions can be saved to appear later.

      > Send to Kath Abela by Facebook message or poetsonsite[at]gmail.com.

      End of article

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      1. Alex Nodopaka Le Petit says:

        I was always
        for happy endings

        but now at 80
        I settle
        for eighty proof

      2. Alice Pero says:

        This is a really chock-full-of-goodness issue. Really love the theme and especially the artwork. I look forward to seeing Janet’s exhibit at the Moonday reading on Nov 17th.
        And Kathabela, thanks so much for your dedication and true artistry.

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