Poets Salon: “Fortune Telling 2021”



Hosted by Kath Abela Wilson

It’s been a long time since we bought ourselves a present. Especially one we’ve wanted a long time. Usually something like that has a lot of emotional history.

waiting for
Hokusai’s Great Wave…
our framed print

~ Kath Abela

an abstract painting

Corn Moon, 18×14″, Fiber Art by Cindy Rinne

Cindy Rinne

Enchanted Waters

new year rituals—

wash my face in healing spring
holy red candle lit in corner

drip wax
into bowl of water


mother’s pink
silk shawl
embroidered flower garden

hugs my shoulders

from muddy memories
lotus blossoms


jelly orbs glow
glitter the beach

with the tides
underwater rainbows

what I fear does not sting


a tree with bare branches and the sun behind it

Japanese Garden, Portland, Oregon (Photo – Bill Skiles)

Erika Wilk

i listen to the
stroke of midnight

when old
and new year

a wistful glance


we escape a dreary winter
rush towards a new beginning
as hope appears on the horizon


subset with orange hue over silhouette of trees

El Dorado Sunset (Photo – Bill Skiles)

Dorothy Skiles

Resolution 2021

Year 2020 is over
what a reason to cheer!
Hope once again
reigns over fear.
I open my shutters,
shout from the roof
inhaling deeply
winter’s cool air!


Leaving worries,
anger and strife
far, far behind.
Resolving to make
a kinder world,
a better year,
one day at a time!


quilt fabric of flowers

“Moonlight Garden” (Detail), 20×20″, Fiber Art by Cindy Rinne

Fortune Telling 2021: Quotes and Credits

Cindy Rinne creates fiber art and writes in San Bernardino, CA. Cindy is the author of several books: silence between drumbeats (Four Feathers Press), Letters Under Rock with Bory Thach, (Elyssar Press), and others. Her poetry appeared or forthcoming: Anti-Heroin Chic, Verse-Virtual, LitGleam, and others, plus several anthologies. See Cindy’s interview on ColoradoBoulevard.net‘s Mapping the Artist.

Erika Wilk paints and writes in Pasadena, CA. Her household is put on hold when inspiration strikes, and she can sit outdoors and watch clouds shape into beings. She loves the tranquil hours, whenever they arrive. She has participated in performances and anthologies by Poets on Site for over ten years, and is working on a collection of her own poems. See her interview on ColoradoBoulevard.net‘s Mapping the Artist.

Dorothy Skiles says that poetry is in her DNA. In 1970, Dorothy graduated from San Fernando Valley State College earning a B.A. in English. That same year she started her career with the County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Social Services, and retired after 34 years of public service. She was one of the founders of Sunland Tujunga’s Village Poets and served as Poet-Laureate there 2012 -2014. Her poems have appeared each year in the Altadena Poetry Review since 2016. She was a Pushcart nominee in 2017. She has written several chapbooks and published in other journals and anthologies. See her interview on ColoradoBoulevard.net‘s Mapping the Artist.


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3 comments to “Poets Salon: “Fortune Telling 2021””
  1. Dorothy Skiles
    … a special shout out to your husband Bill Skiles for the wonderful and inspiring photos. Both exceptional in my heart … thank you Bill for sharing your gift of photography.
    Dorothy … a wonderful positive take on the new year in both poems. Good reminders that a fresh start is on the horizon.

  2. Erica Wilk
    Thank you for sharing your poems …
    I had a big sigh appear after each.
    “Wistful glance” … suits me to a “T”

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