father and daughter on his back

      Frog Prince (Photo courtesy of Kath Abela)


      Hosted by Kath Abela Wilson

      not a son but almost

      I was his favorite left the boys at home. I was the one he took with him to the game and I who was to succeed him, poet, feature writer, journalist

      the frog
      who turned princess
      first love

      ~ Kath Abela

      Ο Ο Ο

      drawing of a kid looking at the sun

      Changeling. Drawing by Tim Callahan

      Tim Callahan


      How could he have sired this child,
      this dreamy child, his feckless youngest?
      His was a world of sales and practicality, of responsibilities,
      of supporting a family of five on one income..
      But this kid – he couldn’t even do his math right!
      “I don’t know why the hell you can’t get this.
      It’s math, so cut and dried, so simple.”

      Set him to mow the lawn and you’d find him,
      hours later, looking under rocks
      for red centipedes and spotted salamanders.
      The boy forgot to come in on time,
      stayed out in the dark.
      Said he was watching the moon,
      watching it slide through silvered clouds
      He had his mind on Saturn’s rings and steaming jungles,
      on ancient myths and dinosaurs
      – and forgot to do his homework.

      He had to redo algebra in summer school
      and struggled to get a “C.”
      Drawing all the time – what good was that?
      Then he said he’d be an artist.
      “How the hell do you expect to make a living?”
      He didn’t answer – but kept drawing.

      And in the night, the velvet night,
      watching the moon glide through silver clouds,
      the son would wonder:
      “How could he be my father?”

      Ο Ο Ο

      sunset with orange hue on the horizon

      The Jewel (Photo – Michael Czarnecki)

      Michael Czarnecki


      My son drives out from house
      two minutes later phone rings
      his voice excited, gently commanding
      “Dad, the sun is like a jewel on the horizon
      you need to hurry, it won’t last long.”
      We hang up, I hurriedly
      put on shoes, run out of house
      thinking, he doesn’t realize
      there’s no time to get to what he saw
      it was his sun, his jewel, fading fast
      hanging on the horizon
      suspended for his moment.
      As much as I want to see it
      want to share his experience
      I can’t
      no matter how fast
      this old body stumbles through
      darkening woods.

      My excitement, my jewel
      was his calling
      his wanting to share
      this moment of joy
      moment of connection
      with something other than self.

      No need for anything else.


      a sun setting reflecting on clouds

      Sunset (Photo – Michael Czarnecki)

      Fathers and Sons: Quotes and Credits

      Tim Callahan: “In European folklore, the fair-folk (fairies, elves etc., more like Tolkien’s version than Shakespeare’s) would sometimes steal human babies, leaving one of their own in the human infant’s place. This odd child, a changeling, though raised as human, would always be strange. I am an artist and worked in the animation industry for over 20 years. I’ve written poetry, somewhat sporadically, since I was in my thirties. In 2011, I decided to write poetry on a regular basis. So, I joined the Poets On Site, run by Kathabela Wilson, meeting every Friday on the Caltech campus, as well as meeting in the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden every Thursday. I write, on average, a poem a week. My poetry has been published in the Altadena Poetry Review, 2016 through 2020 editions; the Journal of Modern Poetry, editions 20 and 21;the Highland Park Poetry Challenge: Monsters, Electricity and Golden Shovel; The tanka journal Bright Stars 2; and Stone Lantern, among others. I live with my wife, Bon, in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains on the edge of the Angeles National Forest, where we are, on occasion, visited by deer, bob cats, rattlesnakes and bears.”

      Michael Czarnecki lives in Wheeler Hill, NY. He’s a traveling poet who makes his living giving poetry workshops, readings all over the U.S., and publishing books with his Foothill Press. He writes daily spontaneous poems on Facebook. Michael has been a visitor and longtime partner of Poets on Site, visiting Pasadena regularly when it was easier for humans to travel! He has been hosting a weekly Tuesday night Poetry Zoom throughout the Pandemic. He has just started live readings and traveling again. You can follow his adventures, readings, press, workshops and thoughts at this link.

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