Ice bubbles - Ephemeral (Photo - Tzetzka Ilieva).

      Ice bubbles – Ephemeral (Photo – Tzetzka Ilieva).

      – 2/06/19

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      The sound of waves along the shore. Driftwood and stone, lost feathers and messages mix in the salty air. Nowhere have I seen the ephemeral more clearly. I shape figures made of debris and let them go… back to the sea.

      underwater life
      the secret swish and swirl
      of rainbows

      ~ Kathabela

      Ο Ο Ο

      Crocus (Photo - Tzetzka Ilieva).

      Crocus (Photo – Tzetzka Ilieva).

      Tzetzka Ilieva

      We don’t see snow as often as I would like here in Marietta, Georgia, but sometimes it gets so cold that one can blow soap bubbles over frozen water and watch them turn into ice domes.

      every drop of sunlight
      just where it should be…
      my daughter’s birthday

      how far can a dream take me day moon

      Ο Ο Ο

      Rainbow mist by Maureen Sudlow

      Rainbow mist by Maureen Sudlow

      Maureen Sudlow

      I am always haunted by the transience of life, must be due to the gypsy life we have always led, never staying in one place very long.

      Accordingly I am drawn to the classical Chinese poets, who tended to call a harsh life what it was. The imbalance of melancholy and quiet appreciation.
      Ocean voyager, on heaven’s winds,
      in his ship, far wandering…
      Like a bird, among the clouds,
      gone, he will leave no trace.

      “Ballad of a Voyager” by Li Po translated by J.P Seaton

      I remember wonderful bluffs, and the rainbow created where the spray drifted by the rocks…

      gathering promises
      against the cliffs

      floating moon
      in the old water-barrel

      frozen pond
      the silence
      of starlight

      train whistle
      bridging the distance
      between us

      Ο Ο Ο

      Starting over by Sandi Pray

      Starting over by Sandi Pray

      Sandi Pray

      bare branches
      the secrets of crows
      to wander through

      starting over
      the pendulum swings

      Ephemeral: Quotes and Credits

      Tzetzka Ilieva writes her poems in Bulgarian and English. She lives in Marietta, Georgia, in the suburbs of Atlanta and loves to wander. She says: “each evening, walking around the neighborhood and it is usually during that walk when everything seems to fall into place.”

      Maureen Sudlow says: “I love the conciseness of haiku – similar to other Japanese art forms – and relish the challenge of giving depth in so few words. I studied on-line with Alan Summers, and have published two poetry books containing other forms as well as haiku. I have taught haiku for beginners, and currently live in Whanganui, although many of my haiku were written in the Kaipara. I have a Diploma in Creative Writing and am a member of the New Zealand Poetry Society.”

      Sandi Pray is a retired high school librarian living a quiet life in the wilds of the North Carolina mountains and river marshes of North Florida. As a vegan, she is a lover of all life and an environmental advocate.


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      1. alexnodopaka2 says:

        The firmament swallows
        the cosmic storm
        that passes through
        heaven’s narrow gate.

        Alex Nodopaka Feb 2019

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