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      unconsolable… still
      I keep your words, your art
      your texts your emails
      your paintings your photos
      your fantasies forever

      ~ Kath Abela

      Ο Ο Ο

      a close up of embroidered design

      Embroidery by Briony James

      Elisa Theriana

      My country is in deep trouble, everyday a new record breaking of daily covid cases. We are massively under testing so the reported number could be just a small fraction of the real one. It has touched my own family. Too many people have died.

      Days of Condolences

      summer drizzle
      a sparrow
      losing its grip

      mourning salute
      the band of scarecrows

      all the clouds
      all the sorrows
      gasping for words

      fallow field
      into the red dust
      someone we loved

      raining angel’s feathers
      days of condolences

      one last bow
      the eulogy
      left unsaid

      Bandung, July 14th 2021.
      in the harrowing time of covid 19.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Ron C. Moss

      decorativeBetween Heaven and Hell

      A fast-moving fire has broken out on a declared total fire ban day. Brigades are being called in from all over the district as the hot, dry conditions worsen, giving this huge blaze a terrible potential. We’re chasing the smoke that races across the skyline and into the valleys. I’m blinded by it as I struggle to keep the truck on the road. We take up a position defending a house in the direct path of the fire front. A frail elderly couple is attempting to cool the walls with a garden hose. I scream at them to go inside. A blast of searing heat from the flames in the gully below slams into us. Thick smoke chokes me and stings my eyes. I open the hose line to send jets of water onto the dwelling.

      I realize I’m alone—I’ve been cut off from my crew member. The thunderous noise becomes surreal and burning debris twists and curls in the blackness of smoke and ash. I drop low on my haunches, gasping for air…

      between heaven and hell
      the touch of a friend’s hand
      on my shoulder

      Ο Ο Ο

      a rose with pedals resembling a clock dial

      Passion flowers (Photo – Briony James)

      Briony James

      sometimes it’s rain
      droplets of solace
      the heart swells
      sometimes the sun or wind
      turns the ache to hope

      sighs long for echoes
      tears for showers
      a banana leaf creaks and cries

      diamond drops
      gleaming in fresh-washed sunshine
      smiles through tears

      sorrows in waves
      a tidal flow cracks our shells
      our hearts ache
      but ache, like seeds in rain,
      springs into love


      decorativeDays of Condolence: Quotes and Credits

      Elisa Theriana, from Bandung, Indonesia, is currently working from home as a computer programmer. While it seems this pandemic is the acid test for mankind, Elisa believes this is also the time to see the best of humanity.

      Ron C. Moss lives in Tasmania and has been writing haiku and related genres since 1999. In that time he has published over a thousand haiku worldwide and his haiku appear in many collections and prestigious anthologies. His first collection, The Bone Carver, won the Snapshot Press Book Award, the Haiku Foundation’s Touchstone Award an Honourable Mention in the Haiku Society of America’s Merit Book Awards. Ron is highly regarded in the international haiku community and a member of many societies and groups. He is often asked to judge competitions and has acted as an editor on a wide variety of projects. Ron is also a visual artist and award-winning photographer, often combining his poetry and art online and in various exhibitions. He has travelled to New Zealand and the United States to give presentations and workshops of his art and poetry. Ron’s second collection, Bushfire Moon, contains haiku and prose written about his experiences as a Tasmanian volunteer firefighter. His haibun Between Heaven and Hell, included above, is an excerpt from this book. His latest collection Broken Starfish brings together haiku from over twenty years of writing and publishing in leading journals. This collection also contains simple ink paintings by Ron that link and shift with the haiku. Both Bushfire Moon and Broken Starfish are available directly from Ron at ronmoss8@gmail.com.

      Briony James lives in Altadena, California. She says: “Love and loss have become so magnified these past months, We all need poetry and Nature to help us find the future within the present and past. Finding rainbows in puddles. It isn’t always easy, but I seem to spy them here in the foothills.”


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