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      My little hand is warmed by holding the big soft salty pretzel. Cold winds blow a thrill through us on the upper ferry deck. Above, gulls spiral and turn their invisible map, I squint to see their secrets, the labyrinths they make with their wings.

      the dark below is filled
      with flying fish

      ~ Kath Abela

      Ο Ο Ο

      Christmas decoration on the porch

      Christmas stars hanging from my front porch, Meadowlake, NM
      (Photo – Roary Williams)

      Roary Williams

      going on nine
      in flannel pajamas
      watching TV and
      waiting for Santa at
      the end of the parade

      celery and onions
      sautéed in butter
      the dog and I hover
      next to the stove
      wagging our tails

      she finds the
      third wise man
      and I hand her
      two sheep and
      the baby Jesus

      while I’m
      untangling cords
      and checking bulbs
      the neighbor’s house
      already blinking

      I look outside
      and turn on
      the porch light
      to make it
      snow harder

      Ο Ο Ο

      A menacing cloud is encroching on blue skies and in the distance mountain tops with snow

      The view from my front porch (Photo – Roary Williams)

      Gerry Jacobson

      boy baby
      feeds … burps … dozes
      day and night
      in his world of sensuous bliss

      wind in my face
      freewheeling downhill
      to be alive
      and nine years old again

      Ο Ο Ο

      A yellow flower and a poem in yellow lettering

      Photo and poem by Emanuela Nicolova

      Emanuela Nicolova

      we grow up only
      to forget the wisdom
      of our childhood

      “…The Child is father of the Man…”
      W. Wordsworth

      My students…I can’t think of a particular occasion, but for thirty years there have been many times that a single word from a student has been like an eye opener: they have given me many bright ideas for lessons; their smiles have warmed my heart and lifted my spirits in my saddest hours; they have helped me with their unmistakable sense of justice and integrity, and, sometimes, communicating with my students, I have the feeling that they are offering me their hearts, so pure and innocent are they, and I am awed.

      ‘n-o-w–h-e-r-e’ – a child
      learning to read
      teaching a life lesson


      Childhood Wisdom: Quotes and Credits

      Roary William says: “May you grow old in wisdom, and still be a perpetual child…A wise therapist told me a long time ago that if I took care of business, and didn’t hurt anyone, I could remain a child the rest of my life. I have embraced that philosophy, and it has kept my sense of wonder intact. I have lived in the high desert of New Mexico since 1989, and it has been a poet’s inspiration. I have been writing poetry for ten years on Twitter, learning from some of the best poets in the world. I love nature and the seasons, and most of my poetry revolves around them. When it snows here in the desert, it is truly an event.”

      Gerry Jacobson lives in suburban Canberra (Australia,) and gets around the town by bike. The compulsory fitness has added several years to his life. He loves being a grandad to four small children and travels constantly to hang out with them (in Sydney and in Stockholm).

      Emanuela Nicolova is a poet and teacher from Bulgaria. In her 30+ years of teaching English, she has taken many children’s hands and held them all along from their first meeting with the English letters to their passing higher international exams in English that have opened the doors of universities worldwide for them. She says: “Teaching is a miracle of give and take. And now that I look back I surely have taken more than I have given.”

      two hands holding a red colored flower

      Inner Bloom (Photo – Emanuela Nicolova)

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      1. Alex Nodopaka says:

        Why? You keep on walking?

      2. alexnodopaka2 says:

        Bada Din

        For Xmas I get
        a toy train.

        I carefully disassemble it
        into its single components
        with the toy screw driver
        and pliers given me
        the same day.

        I know papa will cry
        for the loss of the toy
        he never had
        as he will never be able
        to put it back together.

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