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      twenty feet in the air
      first time I flew he says
      weeks by his side
      while they repaired his wings
      my resilient husband

      ~ Kath Abela

      Ο Ο Ο

      a paiting of water, mountains and lots of intricate clouds

      Details from a painting by Michele L. Harvey

      Christina Martin

      a rough point
      on the side of the wind
      gulls nest
      bathed in evening
      ledges full of brave wings

      Ο Ο Ο

      A sailboat in the blue sea

      Sailboat (Photo – Michele L. Harvey)

      Michele L. Harvey

      harbor gulls
      laugh madly overhead…
      after weeks
      of waiting like sailors’ wives
      their ship has come in too

      the white spume
      of gulls fills a black sky
      above the sailor
      gutting his catch
      as his ship steams to shore

      on my sea of memory
      you ride the waves
      like some lone seabird
      who has no other home

      showing me
      the shorthand for a seabird
      the artist
      who sells drawings in the street
      has asked me for my hand

      to be that bird
      secure upon the sea
      from wingtip to wingtip
      all that she knows
      is home

      Ο Ο Ο

      A gravestone with a sailboat on it

      Cooperstown sailboat gravestone (Photo – Michele L. Harvey

      Jules Leigh Koch

      gulls wings
      tilt the sky
      while the horizon
      still manages to draw
      a straight line

      in the beach carpark
      a man is folding up
      his child’s pram as delicately
      as gull wings fold in the sky


      A bird on a rail with a pier and beach behind it

      Seagull balancing at Ventura Beach (Photo – Kath Abela Wilson)

      Brave Wings: Quotes and Credits

      Christina Martin lives in West Wales, in the UK, with her husband Denis, by the sea and its ever-changing moods. Her interest in writing began at an early age. Plant-life and birds are two of her great loves.

      Michele L. Harvey has called many ports home via her poetry, and what better place to ply than the sea of memory? On land, she sails between rural Hamilton and urban Brooklyn, New York, mooring for six months at either end.

      Jules Leigh Koch has published four collections of poetry. He also has worked as a mentor with writers from the Richard Llewellyn Arts and Disability Trust. Koch works as an educator in his local primary school.

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      1. Jonathan Vos Post says:

        The first Thanksgiving dinner after my Mom died of ovarian cancer at age 46
        was my apartment in New Jersey, the state where my Mom grew up.
        My cooking, widower Dad, brothers Andy and Nicholas
        just before they arrived, while turkey in over, toilet overflowed, so sewage clean up…
        Act normal. I’m eldest son of eldest son of eldest son
        Bother Andy screamed THIS IS WRONG
        and threw something against the wall
        Nicholas repaired the plasterboard
        and the tragic past was painted over

        Repairing small holes in
        plasterboard walls
        Assess the damage
        The method of repair depends upon the degree of damage, the first thing to look at is the thick paper on the back of the plasterboard to see if the damage is restricted to just the front surface and plaster core or if it goes all the way through the plasterboard.

        Dealing with the repair
        If the damage is restricted to just the front surface and the core, the backing paper of the plasterboard will still be intact:-

        Use a sharp craft knife to cut away any plaster skim and the front paper of the plasterboard to expose the plaster core – remove all the broken and damaged plaster from the core.
        Clean out the hole using a small, dry brush.
        Mix up some plaster filler and, when it is ready to use, use a small brush or water spray to dampen the inside (back and sides) of the hole – but don’t over soak the plasterboard.
        Fill the hole with plaster filler using a filling knife so that it is slightly above the surrounding wall surface, make sure that the filler is pushed well into the edges of the hole.
        Using a wet filling knife level off the filler to the surrounding surface – if the hole is too wide for the filler knife, run the knife around the edges and then across the middle of the repair.
        The filler may shrink as it hardens, so the repair may need to be recovered with plaster filler and releveled. Before applying additional layers, lightly sand the repair and surrounding plaster and moisten the surface.

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