– 6/05/19

      Hosted by Kath Abela Wilson

      A little girl in pink in Shanghai looks like me. We smile. She looks admiringly at my hair flowers and points to hers. She is six.

      looks up to me
      How old are you?
      I say 6 1/2

      ~ Kath Abela

      Ο Ο Ο

      A landscape with fileds and clouds in the sky

      Birches, oil on board painting by Michele L. Harvey

      Michele L. Harvey

      swinging so high
      that my feet touch the sky
      playground swings
      still my go-to remedy
      to shake the weight of this world

      the scrawled chalk
      of a sidewalk hopscotch board
      before I know it
      muscle memory
      hops me through every box

      playground swings
      touching the clouds
      with our toes

      Ο Ο Ο

      A blue vase with red flowers

      Trumpet Vine, oil on Panel by Michele L. Harvey

      Briony James

      a simple spray
      a bubble of memory
      where vanilla
      teases me at 12
      and childhood treats
      become Lolita perfumes

      “You smell like cake”
      she cried, laughing
      and I nodded
      reaching back in time
      to vanilla heaven

      playing in the sand
      when cookie treats
      were sweet anticipation
      vanilla perfumery
      time travel

      sunny first days
      lost in LA
      hippie vanilla oil
      I became the treat
      smelling like a cookie
      honeymoon cuddles

      Ο Ο Ο

      Deep blue surroundings with a white flower and a haiku

      Childhood Fairytales by Natalia Kuznetssova

      Natalia Kuznetsova

      childhood fairytales…
      looking to a happy end
      all through life

      what a joy
      to play with grandchildren–
      a child in yourself

      a faded photo
      the shy girl I once was
      still smiling at me

      Ο Ο Ο

      A birthday cake of one purse, a shoe box, and gift box and glasses and high heel shoes

      “Birthday Cake for Mom’s 100th”
      by Nan Rae

      Willie Bongcaron

      birthday cake…
      chocolate hanging
      on both sides of my lips

      birthday gift…
      blowing laughter
      on her cake

      the twirled pasta…
      mama mia

      cherry blossoms…
      the giggles
      of little angels

      the frailty
      of human flesh —
      paper boats

      Ο Ο Ο

      A lady in a silk jacket and a vogue magazine with her image on the cover is behind her

      Mom at 100 (Photo – Nan Rae)

      Nan Rae

      a 100 year old’s birthday cake
      Playful (vanilla) cake for a hundred year old with personality:
      from the base:
      Hermes box, sunglasses,
      Ferragamo shoe,
      the hatbox with announcement of my work included in an exhibit at the Grand Palais,
      Ferragamo shoebox with pearls,
      Chanel handbag at the top

      a brush painting of panda

      “it was i who kissed the panda” a brush painting by Kath Abela Wilson

      A Child at Heart: Quotes and Credits

      Michele L. Harvey: “I’ve always been aware that the door of life swings both ways. I’m fully conscious of the fact of what is changing and changeless in myself. Some call that changeless self the inner child. Others call it the soul, Buddha-heart or Para Brahman. But by whatever name, it’s there, constant, unchanging, eternal. It’s what I prefer to operate from as it’s most natural & authentic. Some think this comes off a little ‘airy-fairy,’ but that’s their problem. For some of us, it’s the only way to be!” Miche L. Harvey has won many awards for her haiku and tanka and is well published in journals and anthologies worldwide. She is also a prolific lifelong artist working in Brooklyn and Hamilton NY. See her website catalog for new work, galleries and an archive of poems and awards.

      Briony James: “It made me so happy when Kathabela said I smelled like cake! I used to wear a rather heavy ‘hippie’ vanilla oil that my husband Rob always said made me smell like a cookie! It was wonderful to hear that again…and my mind played tricks on me, tumbling back to childhood treats, the first recognition of how perfume’s power, yellow-drenched mornings of more adult treats. Cupcakes, hot cakes, babycakes all in love and dancing through decades.” Briony is a Puchcart Prize nominee 2018, for her poem in the Altadena Review, and publishes her poems and fiction in anthologies and journals. She has been writing poetry and stories since she was four. See my interview with Briony James for more delicious insights on her artistic development.

      Natalia Kuznetsova: “Childhood, with its fairytales, builds an invincible belief in your heart for the rest of life that ‘good’ will overcome ‘evil,’ and there would be a happy end after all. True, life is much more complex and… But this belief from childhood does help. And if you haven’t discarded it, there would always be that innocent child inside you. R.L. Stevenson, the British writer and poet, wrote this beautiful book A Child’s Garden of Verses. I love it and I love his introduction poem which is, exactly about this, about ‘a child of air that lingers…there’ (in other words, as I understand, always present in your life.)” Natalia Kuznetsova( Moscow, Russia), is a university English instructor, translator, interpreter, and a poet published in many international journals and anthologies..

      Willie Bongcaron: A haiku poet, government employee from the Philippines with a wife, three children and three inspiring grandchildren, and having lived 6 + decades, has published happily, his poems in journals online and in anthologies. His playful humor, thoughtfulness and charm shine through his poems. His volume of haiku, senryu, tanka and haibun Missing You is available on Amazon.

      Nan Rae is a prolific, brush painter, teacher, artist and world traveler who lives joyfully and delights in serendipity. Her mother left the world at 105, several years ago. She celebrated her mother’s 100th birthday in style! See Nan Rae’s beautiful art and journey on her website. Kath Abela studies with Nan Rae as often as possible. It was in her class that Kath Abela serendipitously painted “it was I who kissed the panda”.


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      1. Erika Wilk says:

        I love them all.Nan Rae’s is so original, and the birthday cake? Priceless!!

      2. gillena says:

        Lovely pieces presented in this issue of playfulness

        she makes the rules
        judges the competition –
        she’s only six?


      3. diannemoritz says:

        lovely writings capturing the joys of childhood and lone life.

        Sunken Meadow Beach
        gentle waves tickle our toes
        and sun kissed shoulders

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