Black Melange by Robert Stewart.

      Black Melange by Robert Stewart.

      – 3/07/18

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      We all have wished for wings, and since this is an impossible task for us humans, we watch for wings, feel the wonder, are moved as they stir the air, and wish for more. These winged poets are all writing “cherita” a short story in the form of: one line / two lines / three lines. It amazingly captures the essence of an experience, in a tiny story form. Watch the wings of seasons transform themselves, inspire us to change ourselves, invite us to feel more deeply, find humor in our experience and to see life itself as full of transformation.

      ~ Kathabela

      Blanc Melange by Robert Stewart.

      Blanc Melange by Robert Stewart.

      Grace Galton

      mid-winter night

      awaking to rain I remember
      a sliver of dream

      a fresh new day
      through meadow mist
      comes a flutter of wings

      Grace Galton live​s ​in a very small village in Somerset on the levels not far from Glastonbury Tor, famous for the seat of King Arthur and the knights of the round table.​ ​She says: “I lost my husband 14 years ago and there have been so many coincidences with butterflies since then, it seems they represent his soul which makes me very happy.”​

      Ο Ο Ο

      Pat Geyer​

      cloudless sulphur moth flutters

      white wings dust
      brown and green shadows…

      near the edge of winter
      early march
      snow flakes dance


      now, from a branch

      leaves fly…

      then, in spring
      butterfly wings
      will flutter

      Pat Geyer​ lives in East Brunswick, New Jersey. She says: “​A Winter of white changes into a Spring of color. Dancing from one season to another, wings flutter through my garden with new life.​”​

      Ο Ο Ο

      Shelagh Morrison

      wintery afternoon

      she dives into the ice-cold water
      sending up a squadron of outraged duck

      yip yip yip
      quack quack quack
      her coat festooned in icicles

      Shelagh Morrison likes to tell a story with a twist in the hope of raising at least a wry smile. Living in Scotland, she is stimulated by reading the work of others, nature and observations.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Billy Howell-Sinnard


      are scarce
      my shadow walks alone

      bends low with ease
      loses itself in the dark
      fluttering of wings

      Billy Howell-Sinnard ​loves in Ft Wayne, Indiana. He says: “I wrote this thinking of the dark as a relief, a coolness, and the fluttering of wings unseen, a slight breeze, maybe even death in a positive way.”

      Ο Ο Ο

      ​​Josette D’Orazio

      Comes the Fall

      Turning of leaves
      the feeling of dying

      Spinning seeds of Maple, Ash, and Pine
      descend like fluttering wings
      a promise of rebirth

      ​​Josette D’Orazio lives in Pasadena, California. She says: “​I am forever and always in awe of the Fall, what seems to die is only sleeping.”

      Ο Ο Ο

      Ariel, oil painting by Robert Stewart.

      Ariel, oil painting by Robert Stewart.

      Robert Stewart is a lifelong L.A. fine Artist and photographer as well as a prolific poet. He looks at life with sensitivity, originality, wry humor, and resilience. His art can be seen ongoing at the Arbor Academy (formerly Colonnade). His retrospective exhibit “BIG” includes 150 artworks and can be seen in Kathabela and Rick’s Living Room Gallery. Robert celebrated his Birthday this past Friday, March 2nd.

      Ο Ο Ο

      We welcome and encourage your response especially in the form of short poems. You may reply by leaving a comment below.

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      1. Alex Nodopaka says:

        Your poetry corner got me inspired… ah! Thank you kindly & I don’t have to fight the traffic by posting here but I sure miss your delightful & wonderful group. I even wrote a couple more all based on my watching water.

      2. kathabela says:

        Beautiful Alex! I would like to include this in one of our Poetry Corners maybe it will be mirrors? Thank you for reading and commenting and… there is nothing we like better than a good comment in poetic form!!

      3. Alex Nodopaka says:

        Thanks for introducing me to Cherita… a marvelous gal she is!

        She flies under the water

        without flapping a wing
        when in reality

        she grazes its depthless abyss
        gliding over a mercurial surface
        perfectly mirroring herself

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