Persimmon (Photo - Lynn Jambor).

      Persimmon (Photo – Lynn Jambor).

      – 1/31/18

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      Welcome these two fine haiku poets back from Japan. They visited the land where haiku was born! I invited Carolyn and Lynn to tell us a little of the story of their amazing trip to Japan, while they were traveling for six weeks there. I have never seen a trip shared so well with friends in real time and such an adventurous long trip, that really allowed them to experience the country from inside out. How do they feel now that they are home, after a month or two? I had the feeling it was a transforming trip. Travel is one way that life can open up and give us new energy, new insight and new perspective.

      ~ Kathabela

      Temper banner (Photo - Lynn Jambor).

      Temper banner (Photo – Lynn Jambor).

      Carolyn Winkler​

      Last fall, for 6 weeks, Lynne Jambor and I were lucky enough to visit Japan together. We traveled from the North to the South and visited a lot of places. Big cities and small towns. We stayed in traditional ryokans and rented traditional homes. We visited temples and shrines and each one took our breath away they were so beautiful. We traveled in the land of Genji and now have a picture in our minds of what it was like back then as we read the book. We saw amazing art and bought wonderful things at the temple markets and antique shops. Everything was an adventure and each day was better than the last. Whenever anyone asks me what was the best part of our trip I always say hands down, “It was the Japanese people.” Everywhere we went they were so kind to us and helped and showed us true hospitality. Even though we often didn’t speak the language we could communicate through body language and pointing. I think they could tell by the look on our faces how much we loved Japan and wanted to talk with us and make sure we were OK. One thing I can guarantee, if you go to Japan you are safe and you will love the people.

      In this crazy world right now it is still the people and their acts of kindness, generosity and care that will be the highlight of any trip, even life itself.

      what are we…
      just a story
      the wind blows through

      on the tip of this bud

      carry us on
      great adventures

      Poet Carolyn Winkler lives in Portland, Oregon. As an Art Shaman and Creative Spirit Guide she leads Spirit Mask Journeys – Workshops, private sessions and study groups helping to re-discover each authentic self and create a better life.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Wedded Rocks in Japan (Photo - Lynn Jambor).

      Wedded Rocks in Japan (Photo – Lynn Jambor).

      Lynn Jambor​

      In Japan on all sides, there is joy to be found in doing any job well and to the best of one’s ability – without judgement; a very pragmatic idealism. The Japanese are rightfully proud of these traditions and I was blessed to be on the receiving end of such kindness. During our travels there my eyes never became accustomed to the sights and sounds, each day, each experience, a visual and aural joy.

      Chinese New Year
      early buds
      on the ornamental maple

      spring storm
      I take refuge
      in your friendship

      winter moon
      the intense sweetness
      of dried fruit

      Todai-ji temple
      every day a renewed

      Poet Lynn Jambor lives in Vancouver, B.C. She says: “I can only tell that I am entranced still by what I experienced in Japan and have a list of places to go and things to do on my next visit (which I hope will be the spring of 2019). I could live there.”

      Ο Ο Ο

      Carolyn Winkler​ and Lynn Jambor in Japan (Photo - Carolyn Winkler).

      Carolyn Winkler​ and Lynn Jambor in Japan (Photo – Carolyn Winkler).

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      1. Terry Ann Carter says:

        I always enjoy the uplifting voices of travellers.

      2. susandiri says:

        My thanks, Ladies, for expressing so beautifully some of Japan’s treasures! Love the photo of Yayoi’s big pumpkin with the two of you, intrepid travelers/poets!!

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