– 12/19/18

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      In this season of silver bells we look for silver linings. Some dark clouds may hang over us, but our perspective and what we do, makes a difference!

      ~ Kathabela

      Ο Ο Ο

      Silver lining by Natalia Kuznetsova

      Silver lining by Natalia Kuznetsova

      Natalia Kuznetsova

      Silver Lining

      Once upon a time… long, long ago when I was a little kid … I used to cry over all mishaps, just like all kids do. And one day when I lost some toy my dad hugged me and said:” Look up! All you see are dark clouds but there’s always sun behind them. Remember this. And it will come out and shine for you. Just wait a bit…” And sure enough it did then. And that’s how I remembered dad’s words And soon Christmas came and…But this is another story…

      bitter tears
      over a lost toy…
      Santa’s visit

      Ο Ο Ο

      Parallel Worlds by Christina Sng

      Parallel Worlds by Christina Sng

      Christina Sing

      in each cloud
      I search for
      the silver lining
      choosing to see
      the good in everything

      a deep breath
      in and out
      glad to be alive
      for another day
      the dispersion
      of dandelions

      all that
      I am grateful for
      all that I love
      the silver linings
      in clouds

      Ο Ο Ο

      Tiny Dancers by Wendy Bialek

      Tiny Dancers by Wendy Bialek

      Wendy Bialek

      mid-autumn sunset
      & the tiny dancers
      frozen pirouette


      having no art
      i do everything as best i can

      believe art is recognition of art

      find art in almost everything &
      when it doesn’t come out right away
      i do what i can to convince it out

      Ο Ο Ο

      Pat Geyer

      threads shine
      as they weave
      through dull brown
      this new age tapestry
      has a silver lining

      Ο Ο Ο

      Hazel Hall

      for that peal of bells
      an empty crib . . .
      dreams for the future
      that rest in each child

      an old pine
      ghost of a Christmas past
      moonlight threads
      through its needles…
      my new party dress

      Ο Ο Ο

      "Silver lining" by Natalia Kuznetsova

      “Silver lining” by Natalia Kuznetsova

      Gerry Jacobson

      The Sea

      Salt spray, and the southerly blows me along the cliffs from Coogee to Bronte. The sea shimmers silver in morning sunlight. From Tamarama to Bondi the sculptures – bold and witty, intriguing and mysterious – stand out against the rocks, the sea, the sky. One hundred and twenty of them line the track. Surf’s too rough for me today so a dip in the Icebergs’ pool, waves breaking over it.

      sunrise …
      the sea shimmers silver
      how I envy
      that lone surfer
      out beyond the break


      Silver Lining: Quotes and Credits

      Natalia Kuznetsova, Moscow, Russia: “Once you learn how to see a silver lining, your world will become brighter and hope will light up your life … dad’s loving encouragement is remembered often even now.”

      Christina Sng, Singapore: “Some turtle hatchlings were eaten by predators; others made it to safety. Which side of the story do we choose to see? The cruelty of nature or the triumphant victories?”

      Pat Geyer, East Brunswick, New Jersey: “I was inspired by a tapestry I saw on ‘The Antiques Road Show’. You just never know. You could find a silver lining almost anywhere!”

      Wendy Bialek, Arizona: “Every day there are new marvels in my garden…complete with garden faeries, now on each side of the fuchsia blossoms. They do their magic 24/7 without tire….or prejudice of season… cold weather does not get into their skin and bones as with mere mortals….I took a photo in my backyard after our first cold snap…and then painted around it to bring out the fuchsia and magically while i was painting the background… the garden faeries “revealed themselves” to me on each side.”

      Hazel Hall, Canberra, Australia: “The sound of bells gladdens the heart. A new baby brings hope, and we need that in this shattered world.”

      Gerry Jacobson, Canberra, Australia: A “roving grandpa in Sydney and Stolkholm, i’m in Sydney again right now, took my 3yr old Swedish granddaughter to this beach, but she is quite intimidated by the surf and just sat on a towel watching. Even though I am not out there beyond the break, the silver lining is I am here, watching my grandaughter in awe of it.”

      Ο Ο Ο

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