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      Eye of the storm. A polymer clay piece by Susan Delphine Delany.

      Eye of the storm. A polymer clay piece by Susan Delphine Delany.

      POETRY CORNER – The Regional Reading

      – 9/27/17

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      We all have the hurricanes on our minds and in our hearts, hoping friends and family are safe. There are several poets from Texas who attended the conference in Santa Fe. I made sure to invite their poems. These poets highlight how big and resourceful Texas is. Our first poet, Elaine Adams, lives in Houston and was directly affected . She joined us in Santa Fe as a measure of positive energy. The other two poets are further from the difficulties and remind us of the natural beauties we all love, which can he threatened at any moment.

      This is the eighteenth in our series of Regional Reading haiku Poetry Corners featuring haiku poets that visited Santa Fe, New Mexico in September for Haiku North America 2017*. Our corners develop from the themes highlighted by their poems and concerns.

      ~ Kathabela

      Elaine Admas' German shepard, Delgado, at Memorial Veterinary Pet Care Hospital after Hurricane Harvey.

      Elaine Admas’ German shepard, Delgado, at Memorial Veterinary Pet Care Hospital after Hurricane Harvey.

      Elaine Adams

      I have written three poems about my current experience in Houston, TX. New Orleans is my hometown, and I post several poems about Hurricane Katrina in my latest book Haiku Bouillabaisse. Storms seem to be following me, so I now write about Hurricane Harvey. Flood waters that have sent me out of my home in a kayak!. But my city’s motto is Houston-Strong–and we are!

      Harvey and Irma-
      unholy pair wreaks havoc
      consider divorce!

      water creeps slowly
      now lapping at my door step-
      time to get the bags.

      a bolt of lightning
      flashes outside my window-
      not the time to sleep

      Elaine Adams says: “My husband, son, and I were each evacuated by kayak. Delgado, our German Shepherd, was too large for the small boats to handle. He stayed overnight in the backyard where the water had not reached. He was rescued the next day by a Border Patrol air boat. The photo above shows Delgado with Vet Lowell Henderson after he had been boated across the Buffalo Bayou to the vet’s. My nephew drove with my niece from Jacksonville, FL to take Delgado home with them to live. You could say that Delgado is a storm follower, since he left Harvey for Irma. We miss him in Houston.”

      Ο Ο Ο

      Oxblood lilies (Photo - Maya Lazarus).

      Oxblood lilies (Photo – Maya Lazarus).

      Maya Lazarus

      oxblood lilies
      pose by the road
      annual fall soldiers

      peacefully co-exist
      why can’t we?

      morning moon
      between streaky clouds
      sun burns my back

      Maya Lazarus lives in Caldwell, Texas, cattle-raising country, with lots of open land and stands of post oak trees and pines. She says: “We are famous for our awe-inspiring wildflowers that last through the spring as they bloom successively. I’ve only been in this area for three years, taking advantage of my retirement to observe the natural beauty around me.”

      Ο Ο Ο

      Magnolia petals (Photo - Agnes Eva Savich).

      Magnolia petals (Photo – Agnes Eva Savich).

      Agnes Eva Savich

      Morning glories have taken over a fence in my backyard, and like to creep many inches daily across my patio unless I clip them back.

      morning glory
      at night

      Magnolias bloom in February before the heat sets in, and I love to sit in my favorite courtyard at the University of Texas where I work to watch the petals fall.

      tooth fairy duty
      magnolia petals
      in the wind

      Agnes Eva Savich lives just outside of Austin, TX. She says: “The southern climate means that summer doesn’t really end until the end of October, and starts by April. Fall is most of November and December, winter makes a short appearance in January, and spring starts in February. The world outside remains green much of the year as well as colorful.”

      Ο Ο Ο

      > Susan Delphine Delaney lives in Plano, Texas. She is a poet, artist and psychiatrist. Her positive view of life is evidenced in many ways including making beautiful polymer “Happy Rocks “and hiding them to be found in random places to bring joy.​

      *The Regional Reading was performed live at the conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in September, 2017, led by Kathabela Wilson. The dramatic presentation were accompanied by Rick Wilson on flutes of the various regions. Poets from Australia, India, Canada, United States, and many other regions presented. Look for their haiku in future Poetry Corners.

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