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      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      This week we welcome a wonderful visiting tanka poet to Pasadena from Japan, Mariko Kitakubo, who shares our hopes and dreams for the future of a flourishing earth, protected by those who love her. Our corner has often presented Japanese form poetry, haiku and tanka by international poets.

      Michele L. Harvey, whose beautiful verse here so embodies a strong protective urge and expression of nature says: “In Japanese poetry forms nature is part and parcel of the human experience and therefore central to artistic expression. With the health of our planet on shaky ground, the poet becomes an instrument of change and a a voice for the voiceless.​”​ You’ll also find here the fine work of Jonathan Vos Post who champions environmental science, enlightening and encouraging the natural habitat he loves.

      ~ Kathabela

      Crossing painting, 70 x 60, by Michele L. Harvey.

      Crossing painting, 70 x 60, by Michele L. Harvey.

      Michele L. Harvey

      if all the things
      I’ve done in my life
      come to nothing…
      oh, but the trees I’ve planted
      and the wildflowers of my fields

      the same boat
      we’re all in together
      the seas rise
      as lawmakers argue
      over scientific fact

      The environment is a core interest of Michele L. Harvey. Much like bodily health, nothing good happens without a healthy planet. As a poet-painter steeped in the ways of nature and as an ordinary being who depends on the air, water, soil and life on the planet, Michele L. Harvey often includes the environment in her poetry.To not do so would be neglecting the essential purpose of her art.She lives ​winters​ in New York City and​ summers​ in Hamilton, NY.

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      Arch painting, 50 x 72, by Michele L. Harvey.

      Arch painting, 50 x 72, by Michele L. Harvey.

      Mariko Kitakubo

      kids are
      collecting mushrooms
      but do they contain
      cesium and strontium
      mushroom mushroom

      we don’t learn
      from the old days
      a picnicker says
      under the cloudless sky
      big beautiful mushrooms

      Mariko Kitakubo lives in Tokyo, Japan and is presently visiting and performing tanka at her favorite city, Pasadena, CA. She “spreads the seeds of tanka” with the music of her Japanese language performances, and translates to English. Like all of us in the USA. we wonder what is contained in the growing things around us and what we eat. She belongs to an ecology writing group of the Japan PEN Club in Japan. She performs and meets with with ‘Poets on Site’ and at special reading performances during her visits.

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      Voyage painting, 50 X 36, by Michele L. Harvey.

      Voyage painting, 50 X 36, by Michele L. Harvey.

      Jonathan Vos Post

      Iceberg to Titanic:
      Be the Hell Aware
      Larsen-C ice-shelf loosens — no panic —
      iceberg the size of Delaware

      Jonathan Vos Post says: “I live in my quarter acre of orange trees, olive trees, and Mister Lincoln Roses in the Altadena Foothills of the fast-eroding San Gabriel Mountains.” He attends and reads his work at our ‘Poets on Site’ events each Thursday at Storrier Stearns Garden in Pasadena, CA. Visitors are welcome to join us in the garden on this public day, to be inspired by our poetry and enjoy the world flutes of Rick Wilson, and often, the melodica, mandola and fiddle of Jean Sudbury.

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      We welcome and encourage your response especially in the form of short poems. You may reply by leaving a comment below.

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      1. kathabela says:

        Thank you Susan Diridonii for your constant insight and encouragement! Please do send me some of your own poems on whatever is on your mind anytime! I so appreciate your comments.

      2. susandiri says:

        thanks, dear Poets-All, the earth rejoices as you read & paint & photograph & compose & sing the ancient tanka!!

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