– 11/30/16

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      In these trying times there are many ways to sense our personal powers and use them! See the variety and strength of these five poets as they lead us through positive thinking!

      ~ Kathabela

      Ο Ο Ο

      Seeing past shadows (Tom Clausen).

      Seeing past shadows (Tom Clausen).

      Patty Hardin

      over there
      in the shadow of choice
      a light flickers
      small, but certain
      of its path

      Patty Hardin lives in Long Beach, WA. She says “Do I ever have a negative outlook? Sure. But I like the feeling that comes from realizing that one positive thought generates more positive thoughts.”

      Ο Ο Ο

      Positive thinking (Photo -Tom Clausen).

      Positive thinking (Photo -Tom Clausen).

      Giselle Maya

      a spotted leopard
      painted in manganese
      onto limestone
      i wish to go there
      to see him pounce from the wall

      Giselle Maya lives in a mountain village of Provence, France. In her tanka she takes a great leap of imagination to express the power of positive thinking.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Doorstep Six Mile Creek (Photo - Tom Clausen).

      Doorstep Six Mile Creek (Photo – Tom Clausen).

      Gerry Jacobson

      thoughts, thoughts
      please go away
      leave me
      to focus
      on what to cook for dinner

      Gerry Jacobson lives in Canberra, Australia and says “I practice meditation sporadically…”

      Ο Ο Ο

      Positive thinking (Photo -Tom Clausen).

      Positive thinking (Photo -Tom Clausen).

      Matsukaze (Orrin PréJean)

      listless Wednesday

      while cleaning
      our bedroom

      the same old mantra
      that never seems to work

      Matsukaze dwells in Dallas, TX. He says: “Its a real trying time. I use this African saying that I mutter under my breath ‘Ebe YeYe! (Eee bee – Yay-yay)’. Matsukaze uses the short story-telling form, cherita, with the above poem, one line – two lines then three lines – tell the story!)

      Ο Ο Ο

      Rooftop garden (Photo - Natalia Rudychev).

      Rooftop garden (Photo – Natalia Rudychev).

      Natalia Rudychev

      first snow
      back home
      my dreams
      still stand taller
      than tops of birch trees

      Natalia Rudychev tells us of very tall birch trees in front of her childhood home. They were here so long, and as a child she sadly thought they would outlive her. She says: “My mother told me to dream big and be worthy of the beauty that I see in my window every day.”

      Ο Ο Ο

      > Tom Clausen walks the woods near his home in Ithaca, NY, finding and sharing positive thinking from nature.

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      1. susandiri says:

        dear Poets-All, lovely tributes to the Positive–thanks!!

      2. GISELLE MAYA says:

        Hello dear Kathabela,

        thank you for including me in this ‘positive thinking’ poetry forum; i am pleased to be able to express and perhaps inspire others to pass the tanka torch amongst us and share it with all beings, to encourage us to keep writing . . .

      3. Robyn Hancock says:

        Greetings, I love the work on this site. I would like to contribute, but there isn’t a post option on Facebook page,like others have. Please bare with me, as I struggle with digital logic for many reasons. I am a typical creative soul, who needs steering in the right direction. I have been published and am trying to get my own positive poetry out there, everywhere, so others can benefit from my words. Feel free to check out my Facebook profile to view what I do.

        I look forward to hearing from you. Much love, Robyn Hancock

        • Kathabela Wilson says:

          Robyn, thanks for your comment and for loving the Poetry Corner and what we do here. We do this every week and I am only one person, so we can’t take submissions. I put the corner together intuitively by watching the small poems that are posted on facebook or twitter, and what happens to be sent to me, or comes to my attention in some way . You and anyone else can join my Facebook groups that focus on short poems: Tanka Poets on Site is a good start. If you send a few short poems that hopefully will fit into a theme that comes up. If that happens, I can write you and ask to use it. The themes are spontaneous. Everything that concerns the corner is diligent and focused, intuitive and sincere. I try to find the best poems I can, that can blend with the others to create a strong statement on the topic we are using. Being sensitive to the times can help you send appropriate poems occasionally, but being visible and friendly like you are being here is a big help!

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