On the rocks (Photo - Robert Johnston).

      On the rocks (Photo – Robert Johnston).

      – 5/23/18

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      When I began to imagine this Poetry Corner, I was overwhelmed with feelings for recent events, and thought how can we change the world so it is better for children? Our friend Ross Anthony was visiting. We were discussing the problems and how to work with issues to protect and nurture our children. He suggested that the most important thing was to concentrate on this positive and most essential thing; to be always conscious of ‘Our Precious Children’.
      Ross gave me these words today to try to explain his feelings:

      Hope Personified
      Impossibly created unspoiled
      You and me, but miniature,
      and instead of experience and fear
      – pure wonder commands

      –Ross Anthony

      I think you will feel a common thread of hope and wonder throughout the tanka and cherita I have collected today, to express this awareness of the child in each of us and all the children with their open sensitivity from birth and how we can give them the best, as they give us, with their birth. I feel especially tender on this theme given our dear grandchild.

      baby boy
      he thinks his name
      is I love you (Mariposa, 37)

      ~ Kathabela​​

      A helping hand (Photo - Tom Clausen).

      A helping hand (Photo – Tom Clausen).

      Linda Papanicolaou

      this precious child
      who will not meet my gaze
      arms clasped he smiles, hums
      body swaying to the songs
      of another universe

      Ο Ο Ο

      Johannes S. H. Bjerg

      filling up the ocean
      stone by stone
      with my grandson
      so playfully he ignores

      a cake of sand
      adorned with grass–
      a magnificent gift
      from a boy
      headed for the future

      Ο Ο Ο

      Billy-Howell Sinnard

      a whale

      drawn on the door
      of a salt-riddled SUV

      a child
      dreaming of arctic seas
      and high adventure

      Ο Ο Ο

      Giselle Maya

      children are
      our flower treasures
      by our care & clear
      snowmelt water

      Ο Ο Ο

      Lois P. Jones

      do flowers dream in color
      last night I bore the child
      I never had
      like a dandelion
      he grew overnight

      Ο Ο Ο

      Street scene (Photo - Robert Johnston).

      Street scene (Photo – Robert Johnston).

      Kathy Uyen Nyguen

      another lotus
      drawn in chalk
      this laughing child
      who dreams of dandelions
      strewn from distant clouds

      Ο Ο Ο

      Patty Hardin

      the child doesn’t understand why
      his mother shoos him from the kitchen
      rejecting his offer of a dandelion
      she is unaware of a precious moment
      lost to her forever

      Ο Ο Ο

      G​illena​ C​ox​

      just a day old
      my grand-baby sleeps
      growing now
      in this sphere of wonder
      all else is trifling

      Ο Ο Ο

      Marlene Alexa

      ​t​he motionless pine
      ​f​lies with all its sparrows
      ​s​ings with all its leaves
      ​c​hildren and grandchildren
      ​a​chieve all my dreams

      Ο Ο Ο

      Mary Kendall​

      one by one
      I touched the small cascading hearts—
      with child mind
      ready to feel
      a small heart beat


      Wildflower in Spring (Photo - Michael Czarnecki).

      Wildflower in Spring (Photo – Michael Czarnecki).

      Linda Papanicolaou​ is a middle school art teacher in ​the bay area of ​Northern California ​who has​ one or two autistic students in​ her​ classes each semester. Johannes S. H. Bjerg lives in a sleepy village surrounded by ancient burial mounds in Denmark. “Remember the child in you” he says​.​ Giselle Maya is a poet and gardener in Provence, France. Her flowers are indeed her children​,​ given the best of a beautiful life in the mountain air. ​Lois P. Jones is host of Poets Cafe in Los Angeles, California and recently published her beautiful book of poems ​Night Ladder​ ​from Glass Lyre Press. ​Kathy Ugen Nguyen ​lives in Houston, TX, USA​. She says: “​It’s important to see the world in the eyes and heart of the child.​ ​Children can teach and remind us that’s it is okay to laugh at ourselves, get into as many messes as possible, and be Unapologetically​ in love and in awe with the world through the senses.​”​ Patty Hardin ​lives in Long Beach, Washington. She says: “We must embrace the fact that our children are indeed priceless treasures. What they offer us comes from their hearts and is of the most beautiful purity.​”​ Gillena Cox of St James, Trinidad​ says: “​Children are precious gift​s​ to us and wonderful in the arms of parents.​” ​Marlene Alexa lives in Ohio, USA. She says: “Our precious children and grand children lighten our life in so many ways. They give us the courage to face our sorrows and be strong​.”​​ ​Mary Kendall lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina she always says: “I’ve found that the best way to deal with worries is to corral them into a poem”.​ Our friend ​Ross Anthony, who inspired this theme, is an LA-based freelance videographer/editor and writer. As an independent author, he’s signed and sold thousands of books across the USA. Billy Howell​-​Sinnard​​ lives​ in Fort Wayne, Indiana. ​Today he sent me this strong realization, a perfect conclusion to our poetic stream of thought. “​My daughter and three of my grandchildren live with us.​ ​I wrote this thinking of them​​​:​

      I keep going,
      not through hope anymore
      but for others

      I’ve only gotten better
      because I’ve realized
      it’s not me that matters.

      It’s you.​”​

      Ο Ο Ο

      We welcome and encourage your response especially in the form of short poems. You may reply by leaving a comment below.

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      1. Marion Clarke says:

        Absolutely beautiful work! My son left for university last September so I’ve only seen him a handful of times since then as he works at weekends – I miss him so much…

        blue wool memories
        of all your escapades
        in that little jumper . . .
        may you never stop talking
        to spiders and ants

      2. Erika Wilk says:

        Each and every one of these poems on children are superb, I am in awe of their tenderness and love!

      3. I’m honored to be part of this collection, too. Some superb writing here.

      4. Giselle Maya says:

        thank you dear Kathabela for including my tanka here, how happy it makes me to read all these poems celebrating our children.

      5. Thank you Kathabela Wilson to make me part of this excellent initiative…

      6. alexnodopaka2 says:

        Going on 80

        I still do childish things.
        Laughing at them

        reincarnates me
        with all the awes
        of anticipation ahead

      7. Lois P. Jones says:

        Thanks ColoradoBlvd.net!! x

      8. Thank you so much for including me, Kathabela. I’m honored.

      9. A great batch of love.

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