– 11/07/18

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      When I suggested kindness as a theme there was an outpouring of good energy and many submissions. This group of poets seems to sing together with an insistent message that we all embrace. All of them see kindness as the only cure “a beacon of hope” as Deborah P Kolodji says, an “elixir” as Wendy C. Bialek creates. As Barbara Kaufmann suggests “let us try”. Reading through these poems, and then their series of “quotes and credits” you will feel the voice of kindness weaving through all of our experience to mend the world.

      ~ Kathabela

      Ο Ο Ο

      Holding Hands by Richard Grahn

      Holding Hands by Richard Grahn

      Richard Grahn

      warm spirit
      your outstretched hand
      has helped me weave
      the fabric of my life…
      now let me help weave yours

      Ο Ο Ο

      Shopping Cart by Robert Stewart

      Shopping Cart by Robert Stewart

      Michele K. Harvey

      her costume
      made from rags and bones
      children pass
      her wheeling her shopping cart
      and offer her some candy

      Ο Ο Ο

      elixir shelfie by Wendy Bialek

      elixir shelfie by Wendy Bialek

      Wendy C. Bialek


      pixie mix me
      a magic cure

      three drops goodness
      five drops kindness
      sound of peace

      Ο Ο Ο

      Heartstones by Michele K. Harvey

      Heartstones by Michele K. Harvey

      Dennis Gobou

      in diversity…
      all kind(s)ness

      Ο Ο Ο

      Natural heart by Deborah P Kolodji

      Natural heart by Deborah P Kolodji

      Deborah P Kolodji

      fruit year-round
      on the lemon tree
      a neighbor’s pies


      falling leaves
      a young dog guides
      the blind dog


      a gift to us
      from the forest
      wild mushrooms


      rush to catch a flight
      she hands me
      a foil-wrapped dinner

      Ο Ο Ο

      Flicker by Barbara Kaufmann

      Flicker by Barbara Kaufmann

      Barbara Kaufmann

      a fleeting star
      dashes across the night
      how swift you are
      to light my way
      old friend



      Kindness: Quotes and Credits

      Richard Grahn tells us: “Kindness is contagious. No one taught me more about it than my grandmother. She was the epitome of compassion and understanding. One day she was walking down the sidewalk and another woman was walking towards her. Suddenly, the woman crossed the street as if to avoid her. Not to be dissuaded, grandma followed her across the street and as she passed said a warm “good morning.” This went on through several more encounters; each day grandma crossed the street to extend her cheerful greetings. To make a long story short, 50 years later, the two were the fastest of friends. Grandma never gave up on a person, and certainly not on me.”

      Michele K. Harvey says: “It’s the little kindnesses that add up. Children in their innocence, can often show us the way of an open heart.” Michele lives half the year in Hamilton, NY and the other half in Brooklyn.

      Wendy C. Bialek, AZ, USA. she believes the world is spinning off kilter…the melting pot of positivity has leaked out and needs to be replaced. Because of this, we are experiencing a moral depletion so all of us must bend to balance the axis by doing good deeds towards Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

      Dennis Gobou lives on Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia. His poem was inspired by a spontaneous thought from the expression “It takes all kinds.”; and, extending that to all “kind(s)ness” as a common emotion across all cultures. Also, for Doctor Who fans when Peter Capaldi was The Doctor, a soliloquy’s last words at the DragonCon sci-fi/fantasy convention this year in Atlanta, Georgia, “Be kind.”

      Deborah P Kolodji lives in Temple City, California. She says: “In our hectic lives and divided society, an act of kindness can be like a beacon of hope.”

      Barbara Kaufmann, in New York, says: “Tiny kindnesses, practiced all day everyday, may be our only hope in counteracting the barrage of meanness in the public square these days. Let us try.”

      Ο Ο Ο

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      1. Steve Gifford says:

        Self-Care Helps

        Respect the folks who practice being nice. Respect unpleasant, angry people, too. ‘Cause if ya be unkind, you’ll pay the price! So, please, be sure to take good care of You!

      2. dianne moritz says:

        my fear of heights
        your offer to take my hand
        still resonates

        acts of kindness are remembered forever!

      3. Alice Pero says:

        How wonderful! Thank you.

      4. Pat Davis says:

        What a treat it was to read and reread these poems – I’m smiling inside and out!

      5. Michael H. Lester says:

        I enjoyed reading everyone’s poems!

        Michele’s heartstone image inspired me to write a tanka and this is what came out! It isn’t necessarily on the theme, but who can dispute the muse!

        a two-toed sloth
        leaves its paw prints
        on the rock
        still redolent of the scent
        of a lovelorn peacock

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