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      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      In thinking of this season, I wanted to find a theme that could carry the sense of hope, nostalgia, lament, and wish for perspective on our lives that we tend to feel in these times. When I asked the fine poet Jean Holland for a comment on our theme if only, she told me she considers ‘the frequently spoken words, if only, as a cornerstone to self exploration and growth’. I love the varying perspectives, humor and depth found in these several views!

      ~ Kathabela

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      Birdsongs by Mike Duffy.

      Birdsongs by Mike Duffy.

      Mike Duffy

      if only i
      could drink it-
      the morning sun

      almost perfect world-
      if only i could
      paint birdsong

      Mike Duffy is a Seattle poet and photographer. He says: “I work primarily in the remote alpine wilderness of British Columbia which we call the Chilcotin Ark. Imagine, Seattle 300 years ago, and you get the picture of my wilderness. I work with a fellow photographer, Chris Harris. Together we have walked this area for 10 years and published six books. The latest is the ‘Cariboo Chilcotin Coast’.” Mike’s dramatic and creative imagery seems to embody a sense of “if only” in the most provocative and unusual ways.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Pond·er by Mike Duffy

      Pond·er by Mike Duffy

      Jean Holland

      if only…
      I ponder
      ripples reach the water’s edge ~
      how difficult it is to live
      with consequences

      Jean Holland lives in Albany New York. She’s a poet and counselor by training and has worked over the years with many individuals with a desire to change the focus of their lives. Within this context, she has considered the frequently spoken words, “if only”, as a cornerstone to self exploration and growth.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Face by Alexis Rotella.

      Face by Alexis Rotella.

      Alexis Rotella

      If only you would
      do something with your hair
      a young friend tells me
      so afraid of turning silver
      living her life in a mirror

      Poet artist Alexis Rotella lives in Arnold, Maryland. She says “I love my silver pixie hair, just perfect for this stage of my life. I did my time living inside a mirror and feel compassion for those who are in love with their own countenance and who are afraid that one day soon they will no longer be the most beautiful face in the room.”

      Ο Ο Ο

      If Only... by Mike Duffy.

      If Only… by Mike Duffy.

      Terri Hale French

      knowing its poison
      by the shape
      of its head
      if only it was
      that easy with you

      Terri Hale French, lives in Huntsville, Alabama. She says: “Well, we all know to look out for those snakes with a triangular shaped head. Unfortunately, The disposition and characteristics of a human being cannot be ascertained by the shape of their heads! We have to wait until human beings ‘bite’ sometimes once or twice before we can decide what type of person they really are. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could tell on first glance by the shape of their heads?”

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        stirred my heart, dear Poets, cheers & thanks!!

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          Susan, you are amazing in your enthusiastic support, always. We so appreciate this! Wishing you new beginnings of the best find and we hope you will grace Pasadena and our poetry meetings with a visit!

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