– 6/06/18

      Detail from Toti O'Brien artwork.

      Detail from Toti O’Brien artwork.

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      Since last week we searched out our open mind, finding some clarity, I naturally began to realize we had to follow this with recognizing how laughter saves us, in so many situations. By coincidence, Peter Mugglebee, who was featured in our Open Minded Poetry corner last week, suggested I read a hilarious book which I think you will enjoy, called Sum by neoroscientist David Eagleman, author of the PBS series The Brain. I’ve only started it but can see already how the wildly imaginative ‘afterlives’ he depicts give insight and lightness to the present. At a poetry workshop I attended recently I had to list what I considered my most precious things. My most favorite ‘the ability to clear my mind’ was burned up by someone’s random choice. I will never forget my first reaction: ‘At least I still have my sense of humor!’

      So here we go!​

      ~ Kathabela​​

      Kris Kondo


      Haiga by Kris Kondo.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Steve Hodge

      august heat
      an ice cube tray
      on the Kama Sutra

      Ο Ο Ο

      Lori A Minor

      rescuing me
      from the storm
      his laughter

      Ο Ο Ο

      N.E. Taylor

      i am not allowed
      to build a bookcase
      in the bathtub
      look under the bed
      julia child and asimov

      Ο Ο Ο

      Sandi Pray

      "Between the laughter," haiga by Sandi Pray.

      “Between the laughter,” haiga by Sandi Pray.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Genie Nakano

      do you
      remember us
      laughing in the hospital
      you were down
      I tickled you up

      I took
      the train to San Diego
      to get certified
      in Laughter Yoga
      I cried all the way home

      Ο Ο Ο

      Michael Rehling

      zero sleep
      tonight the stars
      just wont shut up

      broken meditation………
      my self centered buddha
      has a hearty laugh

      crazy talk

      i think we should run away and join the circus. you can sell tiparillos and i will pound in tent stakes. i can write my novel and you can assemble your poems into a book. posting selfies with toothy smiles will be kool too.

      a billion photons a second flow through me sunspots

      Ο Ο Ο

      Upside down {Photo - om Clausen).

      Upside down {Photo – om Clausen).

      Gerry Jacobson

      walking out
      of Sydney airport
      I’ve lost
      all my baggage
      and stand naked in the rain

      down here
      in the antipodes
      it’s the hot winds
      of high summer …
      we’re standing on our heads

      Ο Ο Ο

      Carolyn Winkler

      my boyfriend
      wears a fur coat
      and wags his tail


      Trout Lake, Washington (Photo - Carolyn Winkler).

      Trout Lake, Washington (Photo – Carolyn Winkler).

      Steve Hodge lives in White Lake, Michigan. ​He’s the editor of Prune Juice, a senryu, kyoka and Haiga Journal. His surprising image is perfect for our laughter. Lori A Minor is the artist editor of the new e-zine fenkumag​ and co-editor with Chase Gagnon of Scryptic Magazine. she says: “When I’m not taking photos all over Michigan with​ ​Chase, I’m probably in bed combating my depression and using my pen and paper as therapy. Through the good and bad days, Chase is always there to remind me just how beautiful I am and that life is always worth living​​.”​ N.E. Taylor lives near LAX, and she really did suggest replacing the bathtub with bookshelves.​ ​Genie Nak​a​no teaches gentle yoga, meditation and dances in Los Angele​s, California. Her wit and lyricism are blended in her tanka, kyoka, and haibun in powerful and amusing ways. Michael Rehling ​is a vegan poet who​ live​s​ simply,​ cultivating “Beginners’ Mind​” in the North Woods of Michigan, just north of the 45th parallel. He calls himself a “Failed Editor” of the online senryu oriented journal “Failed Haiku” and is loved by the many who appreciate his supportive humble attitude. ​Gerry Jacobson​ lives in Canberra, Australia. He’s a poet, dancer and devoted grandfather. His upside-down humor, creativity, and generous spirit made me invite him a couple years ago as co-administrator of Tanka Poets on Site, our Facebook group, where over a thousand members can be inspired by his weekly “Gerrymuse” occasional Tanka Prose prompts. ​Carolyn Winkler lives in Portland, Oregon. She says: “Life is full of different circumstances, some of them we create ourselves. I have been fortunate to have had a wonderful boy corgi named Carson in my life. He has passed now but I still laugh and think fondly of him when I read this ku.” Recently she traveled to Japan and on her return observed and photographed many unusual sights in Trout Lake, Washington, including a Buddha wearing a lei. Poet and artist Kris Kondo (haiga) tells us: “The temple nearby where i live in the mountain village of Kiyokawa west of Tokyo is full of statues of arhats, Buddha’s disciples, that always make me smile, but one day I found the elegant Kwan Yin taking a nap​”​.​ ​Sandi Pray ​(haiga) says: ​”​On that kind of a day when everything seems to be going wrong..taking a breather outside helps me. I can always find someone or something to raise my spirits to laughter.”

      Ο Ο Ο

      We welcome and encourage your response especially in the form of short poems. You may reply by leaving a comment below.

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      1. Somayajulu Musunuri says:

        Awesome haiku.Great !

      2. Marietta McGregor says:

        Lovely fun! We should all laugh a lot more. May I add another?

        the catchy ripples
        of a laugh

        — Hedgerow, Spring 2018

      3. Denise Dumars says:

        I love this! so awesome seeing wonderful work, especially by so many poets I know.

        Poets laughing:
        So proud to know the people
        caught in joyous mirth.

      4. Kathabela says:

        Thank you all for your laughter and great encouragement to the Poetry Corner!

      5. Alex Nodopaka says:

        Hahaha haha
        nothing like a good belly laugh
        haha hahaha

        My belly aches
        still laughing about that haha.
        I keep hahaing.

        My belly is killing me but I haha.
        My eyes are tearing

      6. Hazel Hall says:

        Great poetry! I needed a good laugh!

      7. Tom Clausen says:

        before sleep
        laughing to myself
        at myself

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