Bridge to a future path, Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden, Pasadena (Photo - Kathabela Wilson).

      Bridge to a future path, Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden, Pasadena (Photo – Kathabela Wilson).

      – 03/22/17

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      In our Corner today we find a constructive strength, a subtle power that is positive and always there to be used for change. The smallest detail, the noticing and action, can change life and the lives and feelings of others. Here these insightful, sensitive poets make a difference with the great impact of small poems.

      ~ Kathabela

      Gayle Sweeper

      peace march
      crosses a bridge
      at an​ ​
      time in their lives

      Gayle Sweeper lives in Brisbane, Australia​. Peace marches are happening there, in the USA, and in many other places of the world. Gayle’s tanka highlights the risk and unknowns involved in taking brave new steps to create bridges between people. We join hands to build bridges that connect our lives and our ideals. The unexpected is on the other side of every bridge but this is an optimistic, brave view, stepping into the unknown.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Monet's Japanese bridge in the garden at Giverny (Photo - Nicole Pottier).

      Monet’s Japanese bridge in the garden at Giverny (Photo – Nicole Pottier).

      Nicole Pottier​

      in spring light
      Japanese tourists
      cross the bridge –
      the old painter adds
      a hint of yellow

      Nicole Pottier​ live​s​ in Normandy, ​France, ​where impressionism was born. ​Her poem highlights how an artist builds bridges​ with his brush. Nicole says: “The plays of the light are very subtle in my country, and many painters tried to catch these nuances in their paintings. They went outside to paint, and this was very unusual at that time. ​I’m lucky to live not too far from Monet’s house ​and garden ​in Giverny​, with its beautiful moon bridge. He loved, collected and was inspired by Japanese art.” Nicole says that tourists who come to Giverny, crossing this bridge “are always the most delighted”.

      Ο Ο Ο

      Roy Kindelberger

      a return
      to an old manuscript
      feels like new
      a walk on the bridge where i
      took the picture years ago

      Roy Kindelberger of Bothell, Washington, shows a solid bridge of words reaching from past to present in this subtle strong poem. ​We all know the feeling of déjà vu​ and its power of transforming our feelings. ​Roy says: “It’s about mending the past. Bridges were broken.​” Words of strong feeling are memorable and have power to connect and mend.​

      Ο Ο Ο

      Long ago bridge at Hollow Creek Rd (Photo - Tom Clausen).

      Long ago bridge at Hollow Creek Rd (Photo – Tom Clausen).

      Tom Clausen

      a pause to wonder
      and admire the wabi sabi…
      four logs and a hand rail
      a long ago bridge made
      across the little brook

      Tom Clausen walks the woods in Ithaca NY. His poem and photo taken on Ellis Hollow Creek Rd bike ride of 3-1-17, hint at the small intricate mysteries of how, why, and when we build bridges.​

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      We welcome and encourage your response especially in the form of short poems. You may reply by leaving a comment below.

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