Monarch (Photo - Robin White).

      Monarch (Photo – Robin White).

      – 9/04/18

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      In this Corner full of the creative spirit of “birthday energy,” we find wild things flying through our poetic and natural world. There’s a feeling of travel, adventure, and great care for nature, that so inspires us. All of us are born into this natural world, and through it we are infused with inspiration. I was delighted and amazed when Robin White poet, artist, ceramicist, caregiver and creator of Wild Graces, along with her husband Marshall Hatch, invited us to participate in their Annual Haiku Gathering in Deerfield, New Hampshire on September 8, two days after my birthday. Such a special birthday trip. I’ve always admired from afar, her work and this very special world that they call The Shire …Wild Graces . Here is a taste of the beauty.

      ~ Kathabela​​​​



      Susan Diridoni

      every birthday

      their flights this year
      much faster than usual
      do they urge me forward?

      dry ending summer weeds
      appeal so to the dragonflies

      Ο Ο Ο

      Dandelion (Photo - Tom Clausen).

      Dandelion (Photo – Tom Clausen).

      Robin White

      blowing out a bouquet
      of dandelions…
      one hundred and one…wishes

      pondering its next move     dragonfly

      chin up buttercup
      not one butterfly …
      but two

      Ο Ο Ο

      Owl study by Robin White.

      Owl study by Robin White.

      Christina Sng

      gracefully gliding
      between its flowers
      monarch butterfly

      a tiny bug eludes
      the Venus fly trap
      180 degree turn

      letting the wind
      carry it

      wild graces
      learning to accept
      that sometimes
      things are just
      what they seem

      to fly with it
      night owl

      Ο Ο Ο

      Ant and tansy (Photo - Robin White).

      Ant and tansy (Photo – Robin White).

      Stuart Bartow

      owl’s skull
      no wonder their calls
      so strange

      cabbage whites spinning
      double helixes
      double helixes

      spider webs
      at the doors and windows
      who needs gargoyles

      setting back down
      the upside down wheelbarrow
      ant colony

      Ο Ο Ο​​

      Autumn dusk (Photo - Mrym Prym).

      Autumn dusk (Photo – Mrym Prym).

      Mrym Prym

      looking together
      an ant and I
      at the fading sun

      Ο Ο Ο

      Swallowtail (Photo - Robin White).

      Swallowtail (Photo – Robin White).

      Jeff Hoagland

      a song
      from the darkness
      field cricket

      a cloud of gnats

      late at night
      knocking at my window
      june bugs

      another birthday
      the swallowtail
      from its chrysalis


      Birthday Energy: Quotes and Credits

      Wild-Graces-Annual-Reading-2018Susan Diridoni, a longtime very fine poet of San Francisco, is still floating on her August 28th birthday energy, carried by dragonflies who arrive each year to celebrate. This year, they are especially lively and carried her right into a cherita. Always encouraging and appreciating our Corner, she honors us with her presence. She once stayed longer while visiting our groups in Pasadena. We are always hoping a dragonfly might carry her back to celebrate.

      Robin White is the wonderful poet host of Wild Graces, and creator and editor of Akitsu Quarterly. This year, Kath Abela and Rick Wilson will perform short poems with world flutes at the 5th annual Wild Graces Haiku Gathering. Her photos grace our corner today, all taken in the intimacy of the Shire, that she so generously shares with us and the many other wild creatures who flock to Deerfield, lured by the genuine strength and beauty of her poetic and artistic creativity.

      Christina Sng lives in Singapore. She says: “All my life, I have been the contrarian one. I’d take the harder road; I’d walk against the wind. It was easy when I was young and my will was strong as steel, but age and life have worn me down. Some days, even walking with the wind on my back is difficult. So I’ve learned to accept, instead of resist, let go and let the wind carry me, for a change.” Her poems breathe with unique energy and wild grace.

      Stuart Bartow, who teaches writing and literature at SUNY Adirandack, has his heart deep in the natural world, watching, waiting and listening. He looks underneath and within to find wonder and insight into life’s mysteries. He chairs the Battenkill Conservancy along the Vermont-New York Border. At Wild Graces, he will read from his new haiku book Quaking Marsh (Red Moon Press, 20117).

      Mrym Prym, (Maryam Pourrahimi),, lives in Mashhad, Iran. It is sweet to think of her joining us, with her wild grace. She who loves all small things, and in her lyrical voice joins and shares their chorus in quiet wonderment. Her poems, images, and thoughts on life inspire and fill the hearts of many.

      Jeff Hoagland, in Hopewell, NJ, tells us: “As long as I can remember, I have found myself in the company of insects. Insects – six legs, crazy compound eyes, senses we cannot even begin to describe, exquisite forms and colors – are so omnipresent and fascinating. How can we not spend this life communing with some of our smallest neighbors?” He will be sharing
      this special point of view with all of us at the upcoming Haiku Gathering at Wild Graces in Deerfield, New Hampshire, on Sept 8.

      Ο Ο Ο

      You can add your contribution to our Poetry Corner in the form of a poem, in our comment box below​.

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      1. Radhamani Sarma says:

        between every spathe
        new nest born amidst struggle
        crows gather cawing
        a lesson of life’s mansion
        rests on meticulous plan

      2. Alice Pero says:

        It’s my birthday too in a few days. These lovely poems and photographs were a wonderful early present!

      3. Toti O'Brien says:

        Marvelous images…

      4. susandiri says:

        my thanks, dear Kathabela, for your kind inclusion & words!! thanks, Poets-All, for expanding this birthday with your images & poetry!!

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