"How Pearls are Born" painting by Christina Martin

      “How Pearls are Born” painting by Christina Martin

      – 12/26/18

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      A quiet moment in busy times is the most precious gift. It is always there, unwrapped. Nature is always open. We stop and look.

      ~ Kathabela

      Ο Ο Ο

      "Raven over Storm" painting by Christina Martin

      “Raven over Storm” painting by Christina Martin

      Giselle Maya


      through a yellow

      of autumn leaves
      the cat
      and i

      Ο Ο Ο

      Peter Jastermsky


      the steep trail
      to others

      the time left
      to stand my ground

      Ο Ο Ο

      "Seascape" painting by Christina Martin

      “Seascape” painting by Christina Martin

      Christina Martin

      quick fingers

      her smooth hands
      deft to mend

      a quiet stitch
      over a silent seam
      as good as new

      Ο Ο Ο

      Billy Howell-Sinnard

      listen, i tell her

      the sound of light
      has settled in your hair

      i caress it
      the light whispers
      then sings in my hand

      Ο Ο Ο

      haiga-(cherita-and-image) by Wendy Bialek

      Wendy Bialek

      for just a moment

      i turn my back
      on mingus mountain

      to watch
      the cascading blooms
      of red berries


      A Quiet Moment: Quotes and Credits

      Giselle Maya lives in quiet, St. Martin de Castillon, Provence, France: “Silent starry night…with a breathtaking chill…no snow yet in sight…watching the moon… become full and hear… the pounding of mochi” (Japanese sweet rice paste for the new year of the boar).

      Peter Jastermsky, Morongo Valley, California: “Times arise, some on a schedule, it seems, and some that come spontaneously, in which one considers “the trail” one is on, and assessing the rightness of that trail, or path. Since all of us have an expiration date, I want to feel gratitude for the things and insights I have that make that moment in time so fulfilling.”

      Christina Martin, in the town of Milford Haven, West Wales: “It is such a long time ago now but it think I was remembering how my mother used to expertly mend things. No getting rid of things for her! This is the quiet way that an older person, perhaps a grandmother, can sit and listen and speak just the right word to help. Here in the seaside town of Milford Haven, the wind and the sea are our companions.”

      Billy Howell-Sinnard, Fort Wayne, Indiana: “There is always something more, especially when one is creating art. It’s that ineffable moment that one tries to grasp when writing. It’s a spiritual connection. I know spiritual is a loaded word. If one sees it as everything that all things become and are, then it is life, the reality not a hope or an illusion for people afraid of life and narrow-minded, but people open to all the possibilities.”

      Wendy Bialek lives in Arizona: “Mingus mountain always in sight, red berries– the view directly outside my front door. I am so blessed to be surrounded by beauty, year round…with mother nature doing her holiday decorations gratis. Nothing that can be bought in a store can compete with the gifts she gives me daily…there is so much to stimulate my eyes, my heart, my poetry…all i have to do is stop “for just a second” to take it in….the mountains are really special to me..if i look anywhere else, (turn my back…on her) it’s like ignoring a lover…who puts you into a mesmerizing spell.”

      Ο Ο Ο

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      1. Gisele Maya says:

        Helle dear Kathabelle,

        Thank you un grand MERCI for including my poem “dashing” in this fine collection “A Quiet Moment” .

        remember winter
        nostalgia can be
        snowdrops are up
        one of my favorite flowers

        Giselle M a y a

      2. GISELLE MAYA says:

        HELLO DEAR POETS, to celebrate the new year of the BOAR soon to open, in Japan people pound a sweet rice paste with mortar and pestle. (you boil the sweet rice first of course.)
        (Kathabela please add an ‘e’ to the word paste in my comment above).
        This rice paste called O-MOCHI is sticky, quite delicious roasted over a fire or in the oven & dipped in tamari with grated daikon (white radish). Mochi can be eaten during new year meals and celebrations. Legend has it that the Rabbit who lives in the Moon is pounding mochi there . . .
        can you all see the Rabbit in the Moon?

      3. Alex Nodopaka says:

        Exceptional dynamic expressionist art & its quiet opposite by Christina Martin & Wendy Bialek.

      4. Alex Nodopaka says:

        No quiet moment

        Earthquake Magnitude 6.4 Tonga 3 days ago
        Earthquake Magnitude 7.3 Russia 6 days ago

        Earthquake Magnitude 4.4 Tennessee 2 weeks ago
        Earthquake Magnitude 6.3 Pacific-Antarctic Ridge 2 weeks ago
        Earthquake Magnitude 7.1 South Sandwich Islands 2 weeks ago

        Alex Nodopaka December © 2018

      5. Benita Kape says:

        So beautiful. Each one a gem

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