Shakuhachi (Photo - Rick Wilson).

      Shakuhachi (Photo – Rick Wilson).

      – 1/24/18

      Hosted by Kathabela Wilson

      ​We live in a time when the faraway comes close on the magic carpet of technology, and thanks to that, the musical voice and heart of Hazel Hall in Canberra, Australia, has resonated ​with mine, even though we have never met. This resonance gives great possibilities in a divided world, for unity, a joining of hearts and minds of creative people worldwide to heal and transform. Hazel, a musicologist and poet, leads a group in Australia that seems a sister to our Poets on Site in Pasadena. She calls it The School of Music Poets. Poets write on a common theme, inspired by other arts. One of their projects, poems written “In Response to Persian Music,” especially touches our theme today. My husband, musician Rick Wilson, and I bring music to the forefront in all our events and meetings. You will be inspired, as I am, by Hazel’s expression of how music can save us, unite us, and bring out the best in us all.

      ~ Kathabela

      Music Creature (Photo - Kathabela Wilson).

      Music Creature (Photo – Kathabela Wilson).

      Hazel Hall​

      Music is all around us. It’s not by accident that tanka were once known as ‘short songs’ and accompanied by instruments. Tiny poems, sung or chanted to a musical accompaniment, are found in many musical traditions throughout the world. They are like seeds, blossoming with meanings that often transcend the culture itself and become universal.

      If we listen intently, music can be found in many sounds. It’s in the rhythm of our footsteps, the melody and timbre of conversation; even in a baby’s cry or a dog’s howl:

      the random
      carolling of magpies
      shall I
      become more like birds
      living in the moment?

      Music can move us deeply, acting as a trigger to wake a memory buried in the past:

      old crystal
      now clean and sparkling
      I trace each rim
      and hear the high notes
      that my recorder played

      Music leaves recollections of itself in silence and brings us consolation during loss:

      breaking waves
      through your reflections
      singing songs of home
      again, again, again

      Tibetan cymbals (Photo - Robert Stewart).

      Tibetan cymbals (Photo – Robert Stewart).

      Just as one word in a tanka can hold volumes of meaning, a single sound resonating from an instrument can hold a whole song:

      just one
      shakuhachi note
      at close of light
      a bell ringing
      in the empty sky
      – Presence 53, 2015

      When we are ill, music can help us recover. Perhaps it will be music that we turn to when looking for new ways to heal this deeply divided world:

      a narrow road
      pine perfume lingers
      on the wind
      his poems from long ago
      keep me traveling onward

      Hazel Hall, in Canberra, Australia, ​says: “I am an Australian musicologist, poet and convenor of the School of Music poets.​ I’ve written in many poetic forms, particularly sonnet, tanka and haiku. To me, tanka link and shift like tiny sonnets, allowing sound and light to creep into my writing.”

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