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      Students working on desks with laptops and pen

      Students at Marshall Fundamental Secondary School in Pasadena (Photo – Felita Kealing).

      It is still uncertain if the Pasadena Unified School District will open for in-person instruction at any point during the 2020-2021 school year. However, as COVID-19 cases drop in Los Angeles County, the Pasadena Unified School district is continuing to prepare for the possibility of a hybrid model of instruction.

      By Laura Hackett

      This would mean that students in the Pasadena Unified School District would do part of their learning virtually and part in person.

      Temperature cameras

      In an effort to prepare for students return to school for in-person instruction, staff is reviewing various safety screening options. Yesterday, a vendor dropped off two temperature cameras for the Pasadena Unified School District to review. One is a high-volume camera that can display accurate temperatures in real time without students having to stop, thus avoiding long lines and crowding at site entrances. The other is a desktop unit that can take temperatures and display either red or green to let staff know if someone needs to be checked further.

      Although not everyone infected with COVID-19 gets a fever, temperature checks are recommended as one of the standard screening devices as students return to school. Having the ability to do it quickly and effectively will instill a sense of confidence that the Pasadena Unified School District is doing all they can to protect their students and staff. The intent would be to use a vendor that allows for leasing of the devise through the end of the school year.

      Budget status

      Staff is still in the process of closing the books. The process has been hindered due to delays in getting necessary information from Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE). Once the books are closed PUSD will be able to update the Multi-Year-Projection. Dr. Leslie Barnes, Chief Business Officer would like to schedule individual meetings with the Board members to discuss the various complexities of the budget. PUSD has lost much needed on-going funds and has received one-time targeted money in its place.

      This may profoundly impact PUSD’s Multi-Year-Projection and possibly require reductions. In the interest of  avoiding reductions, PUSD needs to be very mindful of how and when the one-time funds are spent. There are still bipartisan negotiations taking place in Washington with the intent to provide a stimulus package that would include additional funding for schools. In the previous proposals, the December 2020 deadline to spend federal funds was extended.

      PUSD has sufficient funding to keep our students safe and to provide a robust on-line educational experience.

      Learns and After School Adventure Programs

      The Pasadena Unified School District is working with the City’s After School Adventure Programs to provide K-8 child care on Mondays-Fridays. Learns staff (and possibly Instructional Aides) would provide support from 8am-1pm, and ASAP (After School Adventure Program) will provide after school care from 1pm-4:30pm. PUSD’s initial program proposal was denied by the Pasadena Department of Public Health and they were advised that they simply could not operate indoors. Therefore, the Learns and After School Adventure Programs will be outdoors. PUSD met with the Pasadena Department of Public Health on Wednesday Augist 19 to discuss the new proposal of the Learns and After School Adventure programs. PUSD is awaiting approval but hoping to start these programs on September 1, 2020.

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