• 3 women and one man geting vaccinated

      PUSD employees getting vaccinated (Photos – Pasadena Unified School District)

      In partnership and close collaboration with the Pasadena Public Health Department (PPHD), Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) nurses began dispensing the COVID-19 vaccine to district employees in January 2021.

      By News Desk

      PUSD’s Health Programs vaccination clinics (Medical Point of Dispensing TIER 1-B) are limited to school and district office employees. Vaccines are being administered to employees ages 65+, according to the state’s revised prioritization.

      Since its first vaccination clinic on January 21, 2021, PUSD has administered the COVID-19 vaccine to nearly 250 PUSD employees. PUSD will provide vaccines to more than 2,400 district employees, including teachers, school, district workers, and substitutes, according to the state’s prioritization. PUSD serves more than 15,350 students in Transitional Kindergarten-12th grade, with more in preschools and an adult education program.

      Superintendent Brian McDonald said:

      This is a major step in ensuring the safety of our employees, our students, and the community.

      While the vaccine is voluntary, we are strongly encouraging all PUSD employees to get vaccinated. Getting the vaccine will help protect our staff and students as schools prepare to return to in-person learning.


      1. Weekly clinics operated by PUSD, dependent upon the supply from the Pasadena Public Health.
      2. Moderna or Pfizer vaccines are offred depending on the supply.
      3. PUSD will provide vaccines to more than 2,400 district employees, including teachers, school and district workers, and substitutes, according state’s prioritization.
      4. Vaccines are being administered to employees ages 65+, according to the state’s revised prioritization.
      5. The required second vaccinations will be provided at PUSD clinics according to recommended schedules.
      6. PUSD nursing team has recently received training in dispensing the COVID-19 vaccine.

      Although no date has been set for the return of students to campuses, PUSD is preparing to open in phases for in-person learning when conditions allow. Two of the small-group programs (“cohorts”) resumed in-person services this week.


      Source: PUSD

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      1. Eileen Lucas says:

        Looking forward to the day when everyone who wants a vaccine can get one.

      2. Patrick Saumur says:

        Hopefully you will all get back to YOUR jobs which my daughter who is 7 hasn’t been able to do for almost a YEAR. Im a first responder who works for lapd and I’ve had to do my job through this ENTIRE fiasco. Stop using the damn union to distance learn in the comfort of your home to hide behind. You don’t want to teach her in person??? Move over and let people who want to teach in person. Stop hiding behind your unions.

        • Linda Morales says:

          Patrick Saumur
          You think remote learning isn’t work? You think it’s not hard on everybody? Way to show some gratitude to your teachers! 🤦🏻‍♀️
          Being a first responder you probably don’t have to figure out how to safely distance 25+ people in a enclosed space (classroom) either.

        • Heather Messner says:

          Patrick Saumur
          um excuse me teacher/union hater, your job is not comparable to mine. We’re (teachers) working double if not triple the hours we did prior to Covid PLUS paying for higher internet and utility bills working from home. If your child isn’t learning that’s on YOU because we are still teaching. You, sir should be grateful your daughter and her teachers aren’t sick Or bringing it home to you, OR worse, DEAD because our unions (and common sense) are working with our districts to protect us, our students and their families. As a first responder, I’m sure you see first hand the tragedy of children losing loved ones to illness. You probably also work under a union contract and if you do not, you’re still benefiting from the working conditions unions have fought for. When we do go back in person, you can always sign up to volunteer at the schools so you can get a clear understanding about our profession instead of using 2 seconds on social media to berate us.

      3. Deborah Baird says:

        YES!!! They deserve it!

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