Pasadena Unified Approves Simultaneous Educational Model

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PUSD Board meeting, November 19, 2020

On the November 19, 2020 the PUSD Board of Education approved the use of a simultaneous learning approach when schools reopen for in-person instruction. With one absence the resolution passed with a unanimous vote of 6-0

By Albert Martin

PUSD is preparing instructional plans that will meet the needs of students and the community, while being mindful of teacher capacity.  Utilizing “optimal engagement immersion pedagogy (OEIP),” teachers will remain with their current students and courses and instruct students, who attend both in-person and online simultaneously. For optimal engagement of both student groups, teachers will be provided equipment that maximizes their audio-visual capacity.

Simultaneous learning will allow students and teachers to maintain their current class communities, support existing relationships and continue academic progress connections.

PUSD will continue offering specialized programs and courses that would otherwise only be offered in one environment (online or in-person). Approximately 50 teachers are piloting the equipment and configurations to best leverage OEIP. Piloting teachers are providing daily feedback to allow targeted training and communication to teachers and families.

PUSD continues to seek unique revenues related to covering costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Approximate cost for the equipment needed for this model is $242,000.

Other news

  • Board members Larry Torres and Roy Boulghourjian were presented with certificates of recognition for their service to the Board. As this would be the last meeting before new Board members are installed, heartfelt thanks and goodbyes were exchanged.
  • Student board members updated the board on online events at their schools, and were encouraged to share their experiences and challenges during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Since the Board was discussing revised requirements for the Senior Defense project, Board President, Pat Cahalan encouraged students to give input on this issue as well. Ultimately, revised requirements on a case by case basis were approved for students affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Chief Business Officer Leslie Barnes presented a three-year budget projection. Outgoing Board Member, Larry Torres called the budget a “best educated guess times 3”.
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