• As we pause to reflect on the challenges of climate change, peak oil, and economic instability, we have faith in good human beings coming to work together toward a better future and stronger communities.

      The organizations mentioned below, and many more like them, bring hope for a brighter future.

      The Arroyo S.E.C.O. Network of Time Banks is a community of people who help each other by sharing abilities, talents and experiences.

      By both giving and receiving, we learn to appreciate the value of each and every member and also come to believe in the value of our own contributions. When you provide a service for another member you earn one time credit for each hour you spend providing the service. You can then exchange each time credit you earn for an hour of service from someone else. Instead of separating our community into those who need and those who provide, we recognize that we all have needs and gifts to share.

      Repair Cafe Pasadena is a monthly meeting of repair people and people who need things repaired.

      We are fighting throwaway culture and building community one fix a a time!
      We are a member of the Repair Cafe Foundation which was founded in the Netherlands about 4 years ago. There are 30 Repair Cafes in the Netherlands, and 30 in the USA.

      Transition Pasadena is a community action group working to make positive changes in our community.

      Our award winning projects to date include the Throop Learning Garden at Throop Church and Repair Café Pasadena. We also host potluck events, talks, film screenings, and skill sharing workshops.
      Our members live in the communities near the Arroyo Seco, including Pasadena, Altadena, Highland Park, and Eagle Rock.

      Conscientious Projector is a free monthly documentary film series sponsored by Sustainable World, one of the vital Peace & Justice ministries of All Saints Church in Pasadena, in association with the Armory Center for the Arts, located in Dowtown Pasadena.

      Our film series was born out of a shared frustration over mainstream media failure to question 1) the fraudulent justification we were given for going to war in Iraq; and 2) the real impact of corporate power and free market economic policy. Our own study led us to the work of tenacious producers, writers and directors of documentary films engaged in telling truths that were not getting a fair airing elsewhere.

      DPNADowntown Pasadena Neighborhood Association is a thriving destination community that believes in the the power of community/government alliances.

      DPNA is a creative matchmaker with a strong interest in quality urban living for the downtown Pasadena area and the city of Pasadena in general.

      Share Faire at the Park is a group of organic fruit and vegetable gardeners from the city of Altadena, CA who primarily share and swap their excess produce to local neighbors. They are part of Ripe Altadena that offers classes, pot lucks and Share Faires. At times, a share faire may offer more than 60 varieties of home grown fruit and vegetables.

      We started as a few neighbors (3 miles above Pasadena, in the foothills) who had too much fruit all at one time. We later traded Plums, Apricots, Lemons, Guavas, Figs, Tomatoes, and other Garden Produce and organic free range chicken eggs with each other. What started primarily as produce sharing has changed our community as our ties with our neighbors have strengthened. We occasionally have potluck meals, making use of our own ripe backyard produce. Share dates are typically the fourth or last Sunday of the month, and in Summer we have an extra share on Wednesdays closest to the middle of the month. They are usually conducted at Farnsworth Park in Altadena.

      The River Project is a non-profit organization that encourages responsible management of watershed lands and revitalization of rivers for the social, economic and environmental benefit of the communities. Through outreach, advocacy, scientific research and hands-on educational programs, they provide communities with the tools to reclaim their riverfront lands.

      We are currently working on a program called Water LA – it’s a residential rainwater harvesting program that’s our way of contributing to the Urban Acupuncture of LA, creating small pinpoints all over Los Angeles. Through Water LA we show homeowners how they can capture, conserve, and reuse water on their own property with hands-on workshops. Water LA is grant-based where we provide resources, materials, and labor to residents in our project area. LA residents outside of the project area are invited to come to the workshops and learn alongside our experts.

      We welcome any like minded organization to join in announcing their free events on our site.