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      A red brick dome with $100 bill behind it

      Pasadena City Hall Dome (Photo – Design Dept. ⒸColoradoBlvd.net)

      Two candidates are running for mayor of Pasadena in the November election, Victor Gordo and Terry Tornek.

      By Brandon Tran

      Lists of their donors are provided on the city’s official website. This article describes the people who contributed to the election campaign for each candidate.

      Mayor Terry Tornek

      A man with glasses and a suit

      Mayor Terry Tornek at the 2016 State of City address (Photo – W.K. ⒸColoradoBlvd.net).

      From February 16 to September 27, Tornek raised $139,691.04 for his campaign, totaling to $240,765.04 throughout the calendar year up to that point. He is heavily funded by corporate executives and managers. The most significant donations valuing at $2,000 or more include:

      • The Mayor provided $35,000 worth of loans to himself. (personal funds).
      • Lawrence Tornek, Coconut Grove, FL: $15,000 (retired)
      • Sara Ann Hamilton, Pasadena, CA: $10,000 (administrator at Bella Vista Retirement)
      • Paul P. Rusnak Family Trust, Pasadena, CA: $9,995 (family trust)
      • John C. Cushman, Pasadena, CA: $9,000 (Retired)
      • California Pacific Homes Inc., Irvine, CA: $5,000 (business)
      • Dominic Ng, Pasadena, CA: $5,000 (Chairman & CEO at East West Bank)
      • Peter Knell, Pasadena, CA: $5,000 (investment manager at E-Help Office Inc.)
      • Chad Brown, Westlake Village, CA: $5,000 (financial consultant at McLegacy Group)
      • Harvey Knell, Pasadena, CA: $5,000. (retired)
      • David Banks, Boca Raton, FL: $5,000 (retired)
      • Lourdes J. Telrotala, Artesia, CA: $4,000 (realtor at ABC Brokerage)
      • Ronald Nakawatase, La Canada, CA: $4,000 (CPA)
      • Portantine For Senate 2020, Long Beach, CA: $3,495 (election campaign)
      • Nadim Haider: $3,200 (president of Palatine Development)
      • Pierre Chraghchian, Glendale, CA: $3,000 (executive at Erickson International)
      • Hagoop Nersis, Pasadena, CA: $3,000 (owner of Carpet Show Flowers)
      • Riyao Islam: $2,800 (database administrator at Sentiments, Inc.)
      • John McGrain, Pasadena, CA: $2,500. (hedge fund manager at McGrain Financial)
      • Daniel James, Pasadena, CA: $2,254.22 (programmer at GMV Syncromatics)
      • Dale Gronemeier, Garden Ridge, TX: $2,000 worth of advertising (attorney)
      • Kathryn Hamilton, Pasadena, CA: $2,000 (systems engineering manager at Northrup Gruman)
      • Charles DeLucca III, Miami Lake, FL: $2,000 (golf pro at Mel Reese Club)
      • Stephanie McLemozz, Pasadena, CA: $2,000 (no occupation listed)
      • Gevik Marcarian, DDS, Encino, CA: $2,000 (dentist)
      • Seros Khachikian, Glendale, CA: $2,000 (retired)

      Note: Some of Tornek’s reports were not clearly legible and are not included in this summary.

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      Councilman Victor Gordo

      Councilmember Victor Gordo holding a poster of the statue of Jackie Robinson (Photo - Garrett Rowlan).

      Councilmember Victor Gordo holding a poster of the statue of Jackie Robinson (File Photo – Garrett Rowlan).

      From February 16 to September 19, Gordo raised $325,788.02 for his campaign, totaling to $456,768.02 raised throughout the calendar year up to that point. He is heavily funded by union PACs. The most significant donations valuing at $2,000 or more include:

      • Gordo provided $40,240 worth of loans to himself.
      • Northern California District Council of Laborers PAC (ID# 1243030), Sacramento, CA: $40,000 (union PAC)
      • Laborers Local 300 Small Contributor Committee (ID# 950674), Los Angeles, CA: $25,000 (union PAC)
      • Southern California District Council of Laborers PAC #1358150, Long Beach, CA: $20,000 (union PAC)
      • IBEW Local 11 PAC #822725, Pasadena, CA: $20,000 (union PAC)
      • Gale Kohl & Associates, Inc., Pasadena, CA: $16,000 (business entity)
      • Laborers Pacific Southwest Regional Organizing Coalition PAC, Sacramento, CA: $10,000 (union PAC)
      • Laborers Local 652 PAC #72-1519706, Santa Ana, CA: $10,000 (union PAC)
      • LIUNA 89 PAC (ID# 316497), San Diego, CA: $10,000 (union PAC)
      • LIUNA 777 PAC 942524, Los Angeles, CA: $10,000 (union PAC)
      • Operating Engineers Local 13 PAC #743030, Pasadena, CA: $10,000 (union PAC)
      • Michael Harahan, Flintridge, CA: $10,000 (retired)
      • Nancy Harahan, Flintridge, CA: $10,000 (retired)
      • Roxanne Christ-DeWitt, Pasadena, CA: $8,000 (no occupation listed)
      • LIUNA Local 1309 PAC, Lakewood, CA: $7,000 (union PAC)
      • SEIU 721 PAC #743794, Los Angeles, CA: $6,000 (union PAC)
      • Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation Workers Local 105 PAC #962809, Glendora, CA: $6,000 (union PAC)
      • William Bogaard, Pasadena, CA: $6,000 (former mayor of Pasadena)
      • Jerry Kohl, Pasadena, CA: $6,000 (accessories manufacturer at Brighton)
      • Laborers Local 304 PAC #902565, Sacramento, CA: $5,000.00 (union PAC)
      • LIUNA 652 PAC #72-1519706, Santa Ana, CA: $5,000 (union PAC)
      • Chuck Washington for Supervisor 2020 #1376332, Temecula, CA: $5,000 (election campaign)
      • Megan and Rick Foker, Pasadena, CA: $5,000 (investments, self-employed)
      • Daniel Sheldon, Venice, CA: $5,000 (no occupation listed)
      • Douglas Kranwinkle, Pasadena, CA : $5,000 (retired)
      • Darryl Lucien, Sacramento, CA: $3,500 (consultant/Lobbyist at Lucien Partners)
      • Southern California Pipe Trades District Council #16, Los Angeles, CA: $3,200 (union PAC)
      • Ralph Hurtado. Pasadena, CA, $3,000 (retired)
      • James Ukropina, Pasadena, CA: $3,000 (attorney at the W.M. Keck Foundation)
      • Laborers Local 270 PAC #901351, Sacramento, CA: $2,500 (union PAC)
      • Robert Moreno, Redondo Beach, CA: $2,500 (producer/editor, self-employed)
      • Yusa Chang, San Marino, CA: $2,500 (Director of Development at Kitchen United, Inc.)
      • United Nurses Associations of California Small Contributor Committee #1295768, Long Beach, CA: $3,500 (union PAC)
      • George Penner, Pasadena, CA: $2,000 (real estate at Deasy Penner Podley)
      • George Abdo, Pasadena, CA: $2,000 (professor at California State University Northridge)
      • Paul Bechley, Los Angeles, CA: $2,000 (retired)
      • Margaret Mgrublian, Pasadena, CA: $2,000 (no occupation listed)
      • Robert Willet, Pasadena, CA: $2,000 (retired)
      • John and Shannon Quinn, Pasadena, CA: $2,000 (attorneys at Quinn Emanuel LLP)
      • Patricia Tavera, Pasadena, CA : $2,000 (not employed)
      • Christian Ivanov, Beverly Hills, CA: $2,000 (realtor at Keller Williams)

      More funds are added to both campaigns on a daily basis. You can view changes for them here.

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      1. Chiara A Tellini says:

        The way I see it is Unions represent people and Developers…well you know who they represent.

      2. Vincent Lovelace says:

        Realtors and developers for Tornek. Unions bought Gordo. Both cater to their donors first. Citizens just pay the bills.

      3. Emanuel Najera says:

        Labor unions money vs developers money

      4. Pete Miranda says:

        Gordon has took money from Luna 777 for this election but has poor standings with his members.

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