[Updated] Pasadena Closes Down Four Restaurants Not Adhering to COVID Protocols

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The City of Pasadena is closing down restaurants that are not adhering to established COVID-19 protocols.

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In an email to our newsroom, Lisa Derderian, Pasadena’s Public Information Officer stated that the city had closed down four restaurants. She said:

We want to keep restaurants operating, but that hinges on their willingness to follow the rules. This evening alone, we have closed down four restaurants who were given prior warnings. Their health permits are suspended, which means they cannot operate their kitchens.

City officials remind everyone to adhere to all health protocols while visiting retail establishments, restaurants and outdoor/recreational settings and to wear face masks, physical distance, and wash hands often.

Throughout the long weekend, the City of Pasadena will have enforcement teams monitoring businesses, parks, and other areas of potential gatherings to ensure compliance with health orders issued by the city’s Health Department. Personnel will have proper identification and business cards.

In an unusual break with L.A County recent edicts that dictated a ban on outdoor dining, Pasadena allowed restaurants to remain open following guidance from its own Health Department. The L.A. County’s ban went into effect on Wednesday, November 25, 2020. Being the only city in L.A. County that still allows outdoor dining, diners have been flocking to Pasadena from all over the Southland.

Pasadena Health Department has yet to release the names of the closed down restaurants.


Sunday, Nov. 29 at 7:40 am – Pasadena health inspectors reinstated three health permits to restaurants that were shutdown on Friday night and closed two more restaurants (click to read more…)

Ann Hunnewell and Melanie Hooks contributed to this article.

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9 comments to “[Updated] Pasadena Closes Down Four Restaurants Not Adhering to COVID Protocols”
  1. Was one of the restaurants closed McDonalds by Pasadena City College? I just had double cheeseburger, large fries and strawberry shake their yesterday and wasn’t feeling good afterwards. I guess I should get tested.

  2. Genius idea on behalf on Pasadena City Council to keep restaurants open. I’m guessing the debate went something like this: “But guys, the restaurant tax revenue is more important that Pasadena turning into “ground zero” and maxing out hospital beds.” For real though @Pasadena City Council: publish the transcripts detailing the decision making process!

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