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      Pasadena Primary Municipal Election Charter Amendments (Photos – City of Pasadena)

      On December 4, 2023, the Pasadena City Council voted unanimously to place Measures R, S, and T on the March 5, 2024 ballot so residents can decide whether to approve amendments to the Pasadena City Charter.

      By News Desk

      In 1886, Pasadena was officially incorporated. By 1901, Pasadena had evolved into a Charter City with an elected Mayor. In the following years, the City saw significant improvements with the installation of amenities such as sewers, paved streets, and electric street lighting. Amendments to the Charter helped modernize and improve city governance as times changed and advancements were made.

      The Charter amendments in Measures R, S, and T, if approved by the majority of voters on March 5, 2024, will enable the City to update outdated codes and language, adapt to changes, eliminate burdensome processes, set limits, and ensure that resources are used effectively, ultimately saving money and benefiting the community.

      These measures are not a new tax and do not increase taxes. The measures also do not increase utility rates; in fact, Measure R maintains a 4% reduction in the utility transfer approved by voters in 2020. For financial transparency and public accountability, it will require updating the Pasadena accounting method to align with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The proposed update to the accounting method will lead to improved financial management and the ability to allocate resources to essential services such as 911 response, fire, paramedic, public health, street repairs, and senior and homeless services.

      The Measure S amendment will require the City Council to set limits by ordinance for contracts, purchases, and claim approvals. It will maintain oversight, improve City response, and enhance efficiency in executing contracts. Measure S streamlines the procurement process and eliminates a burdensome process for a contractor/business owner and the City. It allows for more efficient handling of contracts to save time and money.

      Measure T is an amendment to the Charter that will allow the City to create alternative contract selection methods that can be more efficient, transparent, and accountable for bidding and delivering public improvements. The amendment will attract a broader range of vendors and contractors, fostering increased competition, leading to better-quality services and innovative solutions, and ensuring the best value for its investments.

      Under Measure T, the alternative project delivery method is designed to expedite projects, resulting in significant time savings. It allows the City to adapt to industry best practices. Allowing for additional contract selection methods, particularly those that improve the chances of hiring local businesses, contribute to the community’s economic development, create job opportunities, and stimulate our local economy.

      Measures R, S, and T maintain accountability provisions, such as public disclosure of all spending and annual financial audits, while updating outdated language and codes. The three amendments will help identify inefficiencies, unnecessary expenses, and potential waste, ensuring that public funds are used wisely and projects are executed within budget.


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