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      Pasadena is beginning to ease some COVID-19 restrictions by outlining detailed requirements for reopening businesses.

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      The City of Pasadena Health Officer is expected to issue a revised order consistent with state/county health orders announcing that effective Friday, May 8, 2020, non-essential businesses such as bookstores, toy stores, florists, music stores, clothing stores and sporting goods stores can reopen for curbside pick-up, with adherence to distancing and infection control protocols. The health order, once released, will be posted to the City of Pasadena’s website.

      Protocol and Guidance (for customers)

      As non-essential businesses identified above prepare for a phased re-opening for curbside pick-up, the City of Pasadena is providing guidance to assist businesses re-open in a safer and orderly manner.

      Required Posting Within Places of Business

      Prior to opening, each retailer must complete and implement Social Distancing Protocols. A copy of the document should be provided to each employee and posted in a conspicuous location near the entrance of the business. Social distancing protocols must be provided to an enforcing agency, if requested. In addition, businesses should designate one individual to be in charge of the planning and implementation of all items.

      Protocols for Curbside Sales

      • Customers may not enter the store.
      • Employees and customers shall wear face coverings, and customers without face coverings shall not be served.
      • Social distancing shall be observed, and enforced, by the retailer in the designated pick-up zone or staging area.
      • Complete payment for transactions should happen in advance by offering options to purchase online or by phone.  If the transaction must be conducted in person, the business should instruct employees to refrain from touching the face afterward, to accept cash or cards on a tray rather than directly into their hands, to sanitize the payment system and tray, and to wash hands with soap and water after each transaction.
      • Instruct customers to call when they arrive, and to remain in their vehicles, or in the designated pick-up zone or staging area.
      • Develop a process that does not require employees to touch the customer’s vehicle door handle or trunk latch.
      • If employees place items in customers’ vehicles, they should place the items in unoccupied areas of the vehicle such as a passenger seat or trunk, and should avoid leaning into the vehicle.

      Customer Awareness

      To improve the curbside pick-up experience, it is recommended that businesses clearly communicate curbside instructions to customers in advance by posting the process on your website and social media pages, or if transactions occur by phone, reviewing it verbally at the time of sale. Let customers know the requirements and process, including where staff will meet them and whether staff will place items in their vehicle or if they must pick-up items from a staging area. Designate certain hours for pick-up for vulnerable populations.

      Social Distancing & Sidewalk Management

      Provide employees and customers the ability to maintain 6 feet of personal space. Employ a staff member to ensure the following:

      • If customers must stand in line, mark the ground with temporary tape or decals (painter’s tape or Gaffer’s tape or equivalent), and place signs to achieve 6 feet of distancing. Removal of said materials should not leave any marks or residue on the sidewalk.
      • Queue direction shall be parallel and abut the building frontage.
      • Maintain a minimum of four (4) feet horizontal clear pathway for ADA in any direction at all times, excluding any vertical street amenities.
      • Install a physical barrier such as a plastic shield at the pick-up area.
      • While sidewalk markers and advertising stands do not require a city permit at this time these items remain the sole responsibility of the abutting business/property owner.
      • Business/property owners are responsible for the cleanliness and safety of the sidewalk at all times, including maintenance of any temporary markers, stands and furniture.
      • Stagger customer pick-up to reduce crowding.
      • Make hand sanitizer readily available to employees while staffing the curbside pick-up location.

      Parking & Curbside Management

      Metered parking spaces will remain converted to a 20-minute parking space to facilitate delivery and pick-up operations for restaurants and non-essential retailers allowed to reopen at this time.

      The following corridors with retail businesses that do not have parking meters will be expanded to 20 minute parking:

      • Colorado Blvd. from Lake Avenue to Catalina Avenue.
      • Colorado Blvd. from Michigan Avenue to Holliston Avenue (south side only).
      • Colorado Blvd. from Hill Avenue to Allen Avenue.

      Retail locations with existing parking, but no metered spaces, can request a 20-minute parking sign to be installed in front of their location by calling the Citizen Service Center at 626-744-7311.

      Post clear signage and directions for vehicles so customers know where to go to wait for, and then pick-up, the order.

      Individuals with longer term parking needs should park in parking garages and walk to their destination. The following City Garages will allow for a 20-minute grace period for free parking (no parking validation required):

      • Paseo Garage.
      • Los Robles Garage.
      • Marengo Garage.

      Click here to view and download the entire document.


      Source: City of Pasadena

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