• Pasadena Birthday Bash - 2014Hundreds of Pasadena residents turned out on a hot Sunday to celebrate the city’s 128th Birthday with music, raffles and cake. The cutting of the cake took place at the top of the History Center stairway. Colorado Boulevard asked several city leaders and residents in attendance of what this joyous occasion had meant to them:

      Residents enjoying themselves at Pasadena 128th Birthday BashMayor Bill Bogaard:

      What I think of when I dwell on Pasadena’s history is the rich, varied and truly inspiring story that Pasadena represents. It’s a great city with many victories over the years, many great leaders who brought Pasadena to being the city that it is.

      I’m just delighted that we have this opportunity, with the tremendous effort by the Museum of History, to celebrate this great history and to remind ourselves, those of us who are active citizens, that we have a lot to live up to.

      RoseQqueen Dreses @ the Crown City Jubilee exhibitionCouncilmember Terry Tornek:

      This is one of those happy events that Pasadena is known for. This is a community that is conscience of its history. This institution, this museum is really a wonderful display of those things in Pasadena. If you go through the exhibit you can really appreciate the rich history of Pasadena.

      Japanese drawingPolice Chief Phillip L. Sanchez:

      Here we are celebrating 128 years of Pasadena and she looks wonderful. This is a special day. What makes Pasadena special is, nestled in the heart of Los Angeles county, the city of Pasadena has been able to hold on to its own identity. We continue to build on that model and we look forward for many years to come.

      Councilmember Gene Masuda:

      This is a beautiful event. This is my third one and I really enjoy it while being on council. 128th birthday is a special day and I’m enjoying it along with the residents of Pasadena. One thing that we do is ensure that the historic aspect of our city is preserved and the Pasadena Museum of History is a testimony to that.

      128th Birthday CakeCouncilmember John J. Kennedy:

      Pasadena is an extraordinary city and it’s always good when Pasadena residents would come together to celebrate our fine cit and I’m just happy to be here participating. Pasadena is a very fun place for me, as a matter of fact my father was a chauffeur and bodyguard for Dr. Theodore von Karman, co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Pasadena has a very interesting history and today we come to celebrate that history.

      Crown City JubileePMH Executive Director Jeannete O’Malley:

      It is exciting. We have people inside enjoying the exhibition. We have people outside on the grounds exploring, making balloon animals, and having cake. It’s fun. And the exhibition is really beautiful. We’re celebrating anniversaries in Pasadena from all different types of institutions — mostly those ninety [years old] and above, but there is mention in space of those who are as young as five years [old].

      The museum actually goes back to 1924. So the museum is celebrating its ninetieth anniversary.

      There’s a lot of pride in the city and a lot of diversity, and we see that in the people here today. And we always invite people [to come] down for free opportunities, for gatherings. It’s always exciting for people to be here.

      From the "Crown CIty Jubilee" exibition at the Pasadena Museum of HistoryBert Bollinger, Veteran of Korea:

      It’s a marvelous town. I’ve lived [here] for over 50 years and became part of Pasadena. It has allowed me to entertain and exercise my entertainment skills. I’m a resident crooner at the senior center.






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