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      Know Your Candidates (Photos – montereypark.ca.gov, candidates)

      ColoradoBoulevard.net presented three fundamental questions to the City Council candidates in Monterey Park.

      By Editorial Board

      We received responses from two Monterey Park City Council candidates. Monterey Park’s Municipal Election is March 3, 2020; it is a final election and not a primary.

      Candidates are in alphabetical order.

      – Question #1: 

      What are your thoughts on climate change and how it affects the city?

      decorativeJennifer Tang (Dist. 2):

      Monterey Park has the potential to be a leader in how smaller municipalities can fight climate change, and it is the City Council’s responsibility to introduce and pass ordinances that ensure a sustainable future for our future generations. If elected, I will spearhead efforts to make our city more green in areas such as waste management, sustainable building practices, air quality, transportation, water conservation, and energy efficiency.

      decorativeAllan Shatkin (Dist. 3):

      Climate change is a global problem.  Monterey Park with its limited resources can do little on its own to have an impact.  That is why the city needs to work closely with regional partners and state agencies.  But what we can do it promote the reduction in the use of fossil fuels by encouraging the purchases of electric vehicles, and we can do a better job of recycling waste such as plastics, which are petroleum based.


      Question #2:

      How do you intend to address the housing and homelessness crisis in the city?

      Jennifer Tang (Dist. 2):

      Monterey Park is part of a region that faces a housing crisis. It is time to move past the tired old NIMBY arguments against affordable housing. I will fight for affordable housing as an integral piece of all future housing developments in Monterey Park. Done properly, and with stringent building standards, affordable housing will strengthen our community, increase our property values, and ensure that our city does its part in supporting our neighbors who are houseless or facing housing insecurity.

      Allan Shatkin (Dist. 3):

      Our nation is decades behind in the building of affordable housing. Monterey Park has in its general plan a strategy for addressing this issue. In the short term, I have suggested establishing a “site and service plan” in which the city identifies a specific areas designed to address the basic needs of those living on the street and in their cars, where toilets, fresh running water and showers can be provided in a safe environment.


      Question #3: 

      How do you intend to fund your campaign?  And what is your strategy to win?

      Jennifer Tang (Dist. 2):

      I have funded my campaign through grassroots support built upon my vast network of colleagues, family members, and friends. I also have received funding through various individuals and organizations that have endorsed me, including labor unions and political organizations. My strategy to win includes strategic voter contact through canvassing, texting, phone calls, and social media.

      Allan Shatkin (Dist. 3):

      I solicit funds from individuals/organizations that support my policy goals and positions. Mine is a door-to-door campaign in which I introduce myself and share information about why I am the best-prepared candidate to represent the district. I am using videos on Facebook and Instagram to reach voters in my district and my own mailers and those of supportive organizations such as those of the Monterey Park Police Officers Association encourage citizens to vote for me.

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