Memories Can Be Inherited

Memories (Photo -

Memories (Photo –

As science probes deeper into human biology, the formerly fantastical aspects of psychological speculation morph into verifiable truths–such as possibility that memories can be inherited.

By Garrett Rowlan

Epigenetics, the study of inherited changes in gene expression, already has shown that survivors of traumatic events may pass on the residue of these events to their offspring.

Cell magazine has published research demonstrating that specific genes can turn epigenetic transmissions on and off. According to a study conducted at Tel Aviv University, the exact mechanism involves genes labeled Modified Transgenerational Epigenetic Kinetics (MOTEK). These are the triggers. If your MOTEK genes are hoppin’, go shoppin’–or any activity that would counteract any mood born of experiences your parents–or grandparents?–would have had.

Garrett Rowlan

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