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      If you haven’t voted yet, you can still have an impact by exercising your civic duty.

      By Editorial Board

      You don’t have to wait until Tuesday to vote. Voting centers are open all over the San Gabriel Valley and you can vote at any one of them. (Click here to see the closest Voting Center near you in Pasadena, Altadena & Sierra Madre, South Pasadena & San Marino, and San Gabriel City and Alhambra).

      Meet Tricia Keane

      ColoradoBoulevard.net presented four fundamental questions to each candidate in Pasadena.

      Below are the responses from Tricia Keane, City Council candidate, District 2, on the environment, housing and homelessness, campaign finances and charter schools.

      – Question #1:

      What are your thoughts on climate change and how it affects the city?

      Tricia Keane (City Council, Dist. 2): 

      Climate change is real, and it’s a generation-defining issue. Yes, this is a global issue, but local actions matter. We are already feeling the impacts in the City with changing weather patterns. We have a responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to our climate future. We must increase our use of mass-transit, reduce our use of single-use plastics, increase our urban tree canopy, and embrace 100 percent renewable power.

      – Question #2:

      How do you intend to address the housing and homelessness crisis in the city?

      Tricia Keane (City Council, Dist. 2):

      We should not be addressing homelessness, we should be solving homelessness. Over half of people experiencing homelessness cite economic reasons – like job loss or an eviction – as the main cause. Any plan to address homelessness must include ways to make housing more affordable and make more supportive housing with services available. But any plan must also include prevention – keeping people housed before they fall into homelessness and providing job training and placement assistance.

      – Question #3:

      How do you intend to fund your campaign?  And what is your strategy to win?

      Tricia Keane (City Council, Dist. 2):

      I will fund my campaign through donations from friends, family, and colleagues who have seen firsthand my experience making affordable homes happen and preventing people from falling into homelessness. My strategy to win is to be honest with people and explain we are in a crisis that threatens the character of our community, and as an expert on housing and homelessness, I am the best candidate for the job. I find being nice really helps too.

      – Question #4:

      In your opinion, do you consider charter schools public schools?

      Tricia Keane (City Council, Dist. 2):

      Charter schools are public schools defined in the California Education Code. They are subject to the same requirements that traditional public schools are subject to, and cannot turn any child away, but they provide opportunities for additional oversight by their authorizers. Charter schools, magnet schools, dual immersion programs, and other public school programs provide parents with additional approaches to education within the public school system – and it’s critical to support our public school system.

      > Meet Kevin Litwin.

      Note: Bo Patatian and Felicia Williams did not answer our questions.


      About Our Election Coverage in Pasadena, San Gabriel City and Monterey Park:

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