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      If you haven’t voted yet, you can still have an impact by exercising your civic duty.

      By Editorial Board

      You don’t have to wait until Tuesday to vote. Voting centers are open all over the San Gabriel Valley and you can vote at any one of them. (Click here to see the closest Voting Center near you in Pasadena, Altadena & Sierra Madre, South Pasadena & San Marino, and San Gabriel City and Alhambra).

      Meet Char Bland

      ColoradoBoulevard.net presented four fundamental questions to each candidate in Pasadena.

      Below are the responses from Char Bland, City Council candidate, District 4, on the environment, housing and homelessness, campaign finances and charter schools.

      – Question #1:

      What are your thoughts on climate change and how it affects the city?

      Char Bland (City Council, Dist. 4):

      Pasadena’s 2006 Green Building Ordinance using LEED as a standard was one of the first municipal ordinances in the nation to require green building standards for new commercial development. Pasadena has taken steps to reduce GHG emissions and promote environmentally sustainable practices. From establishing goals and policies that promote sustainable growth and greener practices to including objectives for water and energy conservation, Pasadena remains committed to becoming a sustainable and green city.

      – Question #2:

      How do you intend to address the housing and homelessness crisis in the city?

      Char Bland (City Council, Dist. 4):

      Homelessness in Pasadena is a crisis. There are two types of homelessness.  Critical are those who are visible; we see this when exiting the freeway and at our grocery stores. Another is the invisible–people who may live in their cars or in a temporary facility because a lost a job or medical situation depleted their funds. I will first evaluate why people are homeless and what they need. The next step is connecting with City services.

      – Question #3:

      How do you intend to fund your campaign?  And what is your strategy to win?

      Char Bland (City Council, Dist. 4):

      Funding through contributions.  Door to door talking to every constituent in District 4.

      – Question #4:

      In your opinion, do you consider charter schools public schools?

      Char Bland (City Council, Dist. 4):

      Like traditional public schools, charter public schools in California must be non-religious, not-for-profit, and tuition-free. They must serve all students, including those learning English and those with special needs. Different from most traditional public schools, charter schools don’t have attendance boundaries.

      > Meet Kevin Wheeler.

      Note: Joe Bagdhalian and Gene Masuda did not answer our questions.


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