L.A. Naked Bike Ride 2021 Is Same With One Minor Detail: Masks!

naked riders on bicyels

Naked Bike Ride (Photo – Gary Stevens).

The annual World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) day is coming back to L.A. after a brief hiatus in 2020.

By Rena Kurlander

The tentative date set for this year’s ride is September 18. The 2021 ride will be similar to previous years first loop ride (see map) put together by organizers in an easy to navigate route with the safety of riders as a primary concern. The 2019 ride attracted more than 400 riders.

Rules and safety

  • You will not need a shirt, pants, a skirt or even underwear, but you will need a mask.
  • On the day of the event, riders need to check at a booth located on the premises in order to receive wristbands. A wristband serves as a participant’s identification so LAPD officers can redirect a lost rider to the group without incidents. They also help organizers identify participants and keep people who aren’t participants at a distance.
  • Participants can be on bicycles, skateboards, skates, solar bikes, scooters, or electric assisted bikes.
  • If you have an alternative power mode of transportation and want to know if it’s allowable, you can contact the organizers prior to the ride for approval.
  • No fossil fuel powered vehicles are allowed except authorized support vehicles used to ensure safety.

Location and RSVP

  • Bike rentals are available (ask organizers).
  • Find out location and all updates via the WNBR LA Facebook Page (normally before the ride).
  • Anyone can volunteer or sponsor an expense by contacting the organizers.

Always remember

  • Nudity is optional: The event is dubbed ‘ride as bare as you dare.’
  • Nudity is legal but you need to refer to the organizers’ Body Positivity page for details.
  • Being lewd is illegal and will be reported.


World Naked Bike Ride Los Angeles is a community-based non profit organization focused on making Los Angeles safer for bicyclists, promoting a cleaner environment, and educating the public about positive body awareness by legally riding nude.


Here’s a video from few year’s back ride from our Instagram:

Video from the L.A. Naked Bike Ride #wnbrla #wnbr2015 #nakedlosangeles #nakedbikeride #losangeles

A video posted by Colorado Boulevard (@coloradoblvd) on

Fun fact

In years past, the L.A. Naked Bike Ride used to take place few days after Wold Naked Hiking Day, which takes on Summer Solstice (June 21). Also known as “midsummer,” the day has been part of a folkloric tale as a day believed to hold special powers.

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